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  Volker Birk 1db776f2a5 setting version number 3 months ago
  Volker Birk 30ab6f9aa2 grammar in own file 8 months ago
  Volker Birk 8f5fc1ef90 do not need this 12 months ago
  Claudio Luck fd08fd7161 make main(), easier merge 2 years ago
  Hartmut Goebel 4ed5de4053 Update copyright year. 2 years ago
  Hartmut Goebel e9b4677d0e Move data files into the Python package. 2 years ago
  Hartmut Goebel d589862910 Convert yml2 into a Python package. 2 years ago
  Volker Birk 44d85b7088 date 2 years ago
  Volker Birk 5b3fa9e1fb bug: textsectionu disappeared 2 years ago
  Volker Birk a0ff4d482f exit on version string 2 years ago
  Volker Birk 802a0f1d11 fixes 2 years ago
  Volker Birk f8fc19146a adapting to Python 3 2 years ago
  Volker Birk 8c189d3641 feature: default function is used as a template 3 years ago
  Volker Birk 93f9507122 allowing || in line quotes 3 years ago
  Volker Birk a40619422a keywords as values in decl parameters 3 years ago
  Volker Birk 1aee24d61c ... 5 years ago
  Volker Birk 918454b256 workaround is harmful now, bug does not exist any more 5 years ago
  Volker Birk 6b329b6a5d beginning with Python 3 compat 5 years ago
  Volker Birk 9b7cb80516 Version 5.5 5 years ago
  Volker Birk 7fbba95cc1 initial commit 5 years ago