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  positron ebdd557487 build system: make PER_USER_DIRECTORY and PER_MACHINE_DIRECTORY overridable from local.config 4 months ago
  positron cadd1880dc Merge branch 'ENGINE-1002--3.x' 6 months ago
  positron c983952ccc trivial test suite build system change: link with -lz 6 months ago
  positron 351ef294cb sync API: add new function sync_reinit() 6 months ago
  Gernot Kranz 33f1f2e518 Treat indicees a bit more similar 6 months ago
  Gernot Kranz 4be7c80447 Layout change 6 months ago
  Gernot Kranz 7b36c9678d Forgot the second template 6 months ago
  Gernot Kranz fb0e0a33dd some Documentation tweaks 6 months ago
  Gernot Kranz 1a131a4923 Put @internal command in the right place 6 months ago
  Gernot Kranz 42c48621c5 Mark more stuff as internal 6 months ago
  Gernot Kranz 291116dade In exchange for hidden internal docs, document some public Macros 7 months ago
  Gernot Kranz 9d5f0609b5 Cleanup doku in Makefile 7 months ago
  Gernot Kranz b4ec944b86 Mark a first batch of stuff as internal 7 months ago
  Gernot Kranz 91a92b0c9c Some config changes to not document too much 7 months ago
  Gernot Kranz 1510c366c3 some more config tweaks 7 months ago
  Gernot Kranz 60cd1fc1da Config for our custom build of doxygen 7 months ago
  Gernot Kranz 56a888caaa Layout improvements 7 months ago
  Gernot Kranz 923d6a67ae doxyfile cleanup 7 months ago
  positron abbf677a20 Merge pull request 'IOSAD-232: Tell xcode the generated files (engine, asn.1) so it doesn't expect them from the start' (#76) from dirk/pEpEngine:IOSAD-232 into master 6 months ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 0f9b803cf5 Merge remote-tracking branch 'foundation/master' into IOSAD-232 6 months ago
  Dirk Zimmermann d821a107a7 IOSAD-232 Unify names for generated file lists 6 months ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 271829c06e IOSAD-232 Update engine generated file list 6 months ago
  Dirk Zimmermann a378ca3db8 IOSAD-232 Put asn.1 generated files into correct directory 6 months ago
  Dirk Zimmermann cf6f822886 IOSAD-232 Make paths relative to asn.1 project dir 6 months ago
  Dirk Zimmermann bd8f7f9c33 IOSAD-232 Re-add the generated files list for asn.1 6 months ago
  Dirk Zimmermann 81ced70699 IOSAD-232 Update the python script for generated files 6 months ago
  positron fa57c747ca version: re-add the trailing "+" 7 months ago
  positron 0aab558e33 make an RC (in fact just for Gernot to have a tag for testing doc generation) 7 months ago
  Volker Birk 221908b41a change Makefile again for Seq 1.7.0 and to remove wrong deployment info 7 months ago
  positron 40b5c5325f Merge pull request 'build-mac: uses sqlite provided by Engine now' (#73) from buff/pEpEngine:master into master 7 months ago
  positron c6f4b67681 DEPENDENCIES: add optional sqlite3 dependency 7 months ago
  Andreas Buff f70104c167 build-mac: uses sqlite provided by Engine now 7 months ago
  positron f15ea6369e Merge branch 'ENGINE-995' 7 months ago
  Gernot Kranz 68f32699ef manage dependencies in Makefile 7 months ago
  Gernot 9e85d36434 make doxygen output nicer 7 months ago
  Gernot 61c5572c92 Fix doxygen for autogenerated code 7 months ago
  Gernot 54d93e988d Dealing with signature mismatches 7 months ago
  Gernot e1fbf578db some file level doc fixed 7 months ago
  Gernot 7ed06138f8 Config changes for make doc 7 months ago
  Gernot ef5260152e Most compilation errors of doxygen solved 8 months ago
  Gernot 99653efb5c Doxyfile changes 8 months ago
  Gernot 9ab119184e Todo message in cryptotech.[hc] 8 months ago
  Gernot 4add397e34 Resolving some doxygen issues 8 months ago
  Gernot 9faf041877 All extant documentation in all source files but sqlite3.* now follos doxygen syntax. 8 months ago
  Gernot 9aa1a3c13e some doxygen comments extended 8 months ago
  Gernot cfe7c26147 Some config changes so we see static inline functions in the documentation 8 months ago
  Gernot 7edd5f9513 Doxygen syntax corrections in group.h 8 months ago
  Gernot fde67db15e Some syntax corrections in special comments for doxygen 8 months ago
  Gernot 82ffc2342f make target doc 8 months ago
  Gernot 386160eb52 got custom command @license to work 8 months ago