Transport Backend for UDP
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Transport backend for pEpEngine, using UDP to transmit Sync messages only.


  • the pEp stack up until pEpEngine according to these instructions
  • libpEpTransport, tip of branch UDP

Build Configuration

The build configuration file is called local.conf. Use the file local.conf.example as a template.

cp local.conf.example local.conf

Then, tweak it to your needs.

Make Targets

The default make target is install.


make src - Generates all the object files and linked binaries of libpEpTransportUDP


make test - Generates standalone binaries for basic test cases


make install - Installs the header files in $PREFIX/include/pEp and library binaries in $PREFIX/lib/
make uninstall - Removes all headers from $PREFIX/include/pEp and library binaries from $PREFIX/lib/


make clean