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  heck 3ff6db6909 get declarative using python.cfg 2 months ago
  heck 18edf3f7b3 Add Makefile targets: dist, install 2 months ago
  heck e3972546d8 fix setuptool install command 2 months ago
  heck 174e149cc1 Add Makefile.conf / local.conf.example 3 months ago
  heck 757f6a2997 Mutli-Threading / Event Loop / Callback - NOW WORKING (aquire/release GIL) 3 months ago
  heck 3f6f0fa279 Mutli-Threading / Event Loop / Callbacks (SEGFAULT so far...) 3 months ago
  heck 7eae684706 Add logging macro (pEpLog) 3 months ago
  heck ce48a7ec00 forget that crappy CMake 3 months ago
  heck 880187bcf8 Hybrid native classes design / hello_world.HybridClass(_hello_world._HybridClass) 3 months ago
  heck 6c934ab0f5 remove the bloody __pycache__ 3 months ago
  heck b79bb88b89 update Makefile 3 months ago
  heck 0314cb5a2b correct callback / overwrite pattern 3 months ago
  heck 9a579ad928 add utils.py / use @decorators / init sequence 3 months ago
  heck 7419f54eb6 Call python function from c++ 3 months ago
  heck c383cde872 improve build / add Makefile 3 months ago
  heck 9e6d1c8d40 improve pkg/module structure 3 months ago
  heck 74a9ade996 Module initialization, pure python functions, pure c++ functions, wrapped and hidden c++ functions 3 months ago
  heck 014d1cfdee Prototype for hybrid C++/Python extension module 3 months ago
  heck add5487943 Initial commit 5 months ago