Small python program that uses Gitea API to export all repository issues to CSV (Excel)
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Gitea Issues Exporter

A small python program that fetches Gitea issues (from a given organization/repo) and exports to CSV (Excel).

Currently, only issue title is exported. This can be easily adjusted, though (in dump_to_csv method).

How to run

  1. Install python if not yet installed. I'm using python3.9.
  2. Prepare Gitea access token. This be easily obtained in your Gitea Settings >> Applications >> Manage Access Tokens section.
  3. Make sure you have giteapy pip package installed (if not, just go to and easily install this great python lib).
  4. Modify the top part of the code with basic config variables, such as Gitea access token, repo name, organization name and Gitea URL.
  5. Just run the python program from command line (or IDE if you use) - python3.9
  6. The program will generate open_issues.csv and closed_issues.csv in the same directory as

Enjoy. Hope it helps someone.