A Guix channel providing pretty Easy privacy ( p≡p)
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p≡p 4 Guix

p≡p 4 Guix is a software repository for the GNU Guix package manager, which packages pretty Easy privacy (p≡p).


This is a contributed channel, not an offical one.


p≡p 4 Guix can be installed as a Guix channel. To do so, add it to ~/.config/guix/channels.scm:

(cons* (channel
        (name 'pEp4guix)
        (url "https://gitlab.digitalcourage.de/htgoebel/pep4guix")
        (branch "master"))


Contributions are welcome! If there's a package you would like to add, just fork the repository and create a Merge Request when your package is ready. Keep in mind:

  • p≡p 4 Guix follows the same coding style as GNU Guix. If you don't use Emacs, you should make use of the indent script from the GNU Guix repository (./etc/indent-code.el).

  • Commit messages should follow the same conventions set by GNU Guix.