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  Thomas 72aaa55ef5 Update Windows build 1 year ago
  heck e9cce83395 Fix mac/linux build / make all CFLAGS platform specific 1 year ago
  Thomas ea5d4f62ed Add Windows project and adjust build script for Windows build 1 year ago
  heck 5d6013ea9c option --local is superfluous, use --prefix 2 years ago
  heck 0af1ba949e define the pEpPythonAdapter version at compile-time. Fallback to setuptools_scm. 2 years ago
  heck b5d3177292 PYADPT-86 - "Rename `native_pEp` into `_pEp`" 2 years ago
  juga 12c182f1ac Obtain package version from SCM 2 years ago
  heck b31507992a remove redundancies, information source should be setup.cfg, (setup.py just only code, no data) 2 years ago
  heck f40ca8d8e6 Formatting only - K&R 1TBS is the standard here 2 years ago
  heck 970e261711 Fix setuptools command "install" 2 years ago
  heck 73666d8437 Mutli-threading support for native libs calling python code added 2 years ago
  heck ae364de4cf Adjust build etc. for MacOS 2 years ago
  heck c18746e4ec remove local adapter.cc/hh locked_queue.hh 2 years ago
  heck 3d42d9a7d5 remove unnecessary namespace identifier pEp:: 2 years ago
  heck 07d2130bf0 hybrid C++/Python package / Add Makefile 2 years ago
  heck 7ee3d324ee remove usage of local adapter.hh/locked_queue.hh / use session() from libpEpAdapter 2 years ago
  heck d409cfacb5 Complete overhaul of setup.py, README.md build and install instructions 2 years ago
  Volker Birk 92113d3eb3 removing uname, because this is breaking Windows builds 2 years ago
  heck 75c7da3d80 Fix Mac OS build 2 years ago
  heck bd6f20a71f Fix Linux Build 2 years ago
  juga 9e18f45a80 Add pytest unit tests 2 years ago
  Volker Birk 9205d16623 merge in Claudio's setup.py 3 years ago
  Volker Birk 6305c9fbd5 ... 3 years ago
  Volker Birk 7421773c1e ... 4 years ago
  Volker Birk c6d8db4933 changes, lots of changes… 4 years ago
  Volker Birk d65b2d1d52 setup 4 years ago
  Volker Birk f82b015619 make things work with clang 5 years ago
  Volker Birk 9fe2f0b181 adding namespace 6 years ago
  Edouard Tisserant d2f17bea85 Added commandline option for depencencies prefix and boost location 6 years ago
  Volker Birk 377054c681 .decrypt() for unencrypted messages 6 years ago
  Edouard Tisserant ae6b045037 added multiple pEp instance test (failing) for keysync, as well as multipEp.py, a module using multiprocessing to execute test scenario implying multiple pEp instances 6 years ago
  Volker Birk 8d698bffc6 automated memory management and some API 6 years ago
  Volker Birk 7c23710fac adding debug flags 6 years ago
  Volker Birk 3b98af9055 Blob copy constructor and debug options for compile 6 years ago
  Volker Birk 6c173e26e6 Blobs 6 years ago
  Volker Birk 1fd2926fa9 switching to Boost.Python, starting Identity implementation 6 years ago
  Volker Birk 93c0dd69a8 no converting module for now 6 years ago
  Volker Birk 0341e88b6f adding conversion module 6 years ago
  Volker Birk 89e225a4d9 initial commit 6 years ago