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heck 7fb3ef584e use Adapter::inject_sync_shutdown() (libpEpAdapter > 0517b9b) 2 years ago
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Volker Birk 35a83abf14 always have three keys 2 years ago
heck b1400519ff Merge branch 'Release_2.1' 2 years ago
Volker Birk 7f2d884f6e add disable_all_sync_channels() and test with extra identity 2 years ago
heck d94e5881f4 PYADPT-111:, now support single- and mutlithreaded again. but through libpEpAdapter 2 years ago
heck 5738a2ea33 PYADPT-111: a little bit of testing 2 years ago
heck bb70cf0169 PYADPT-111: "Add Single Threaded Sync Implementation" - Implementation 2 years ago
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heck fc927ccaac FIX: thread.isAlive() replaced with thread.is_alive() (deprecated) 2 years ago
Volker Birk 5c4dcdba4a the sync thread will continue, don't change directory 2 years ago
Thomas 72aaa55ef5 Update Windows build 2 years ago
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heck aaaa54f6ad Merge branch 'PYADPT-110 - Add Mutlithreaded Sync Implementation' into Release_2.1
Complete Sync implementation in python using python threading.

from libpEpAdapter, use:
* Session
* CallbackDispatcher
* Sync Event Queue
    * retrieve_next_sync_event()
    * _inject_sync_event()

*Sync event processing loop*
Write single threaded implementation of the engine function "do_sync_protocol()" using:
* retrieve_next_sync_event() (libpEpAdapter)
* do_sync_protocol_step() (Engine)
The event loop has to be terminated on NULL event.

*Sync Thread*
Implement Sync thread in python. The Thread has to do:
* Init: register_sync_callbacks()
* Sync event processing loop ()
* Cleanup: unregister_sync_callbacks()

*Python API*
The python API stays backwards compatible.
* start_sync() is not allowed to return before "register_sync_callbacks()" in the sync thread has returned
* stop_sync() has to use _inject_sync_event from libpEpAdapter
* is_sync_active() reports if the python Sync thread is running

* Update [~fdik]s / to work with the new sync impl.
* Add a test for start_sync() / stop_sync() continuously
2 years ago
heck d3d72fd95e .gitignore for "make develop" .so 2 years ago
heck 58cff017ff PYADPT-110: Add a test for start_sync() / stop_sync() repeatedly 2 years ago
heck 3a6058e4b5 PYADPT-110: Update sync testing ( to work with new sync impl 2 years ago
heck f858556460 PYADPT-110: "Add Mutlithreaded Sync Implementation" - Implementation 2 years ago
heck 4209c480a6 correct typo 2 years ago
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