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heck aeb802540a Merge in PYADPT-100 - "pytest: subprocess per test required" 2 years ago
heck 91c2056d9d forgot __init__.py for tests package 2 years ago
heck cccabb66c3 now rename the tests suite to tests again 2 years ago
heck e3c53a0d3c Rebuild and fix pytest based tests in new dir tests_new. To work with defined env for engine using separate process per test. 2 years ago
heck f07f6e060c lets try moving env setup to fixtures 2 years ago
heck 90a59ccce6 for debian (python alias not working for make invocation) 2 years ago
heck 8adb4a01f9 some IDEs (pycharm, intellij) seem to have problems with a venv folder called _venv 2 years ago
heck 6fefb8a0c9 typos etc.. 2 years ago
heck fab052a75b Fix sphinx make targets 2 years ago
heck c86c95bd77 More documentation on all operations 2 years ago
heck 08d1a5b3b5 convenience target for creating venv that has LD_LIBRARY_PATH set already. 2 years ago
heck d24ef6888e yes, install doest require anything. (yet) 2 years ago
heck a88419824f from https://setuptools.readthedocs.io/en/latest/userguide/quickstart.html: All python package must provide a pyproject.toml and specify the backend (build system) it wants to use 2 years ago
heck 9851fe28b6 Makefike structure, add targets for docs/sphinx 2 years ago
heck 86ab223a30 Switch all doc to rst format 2 years ago
heck 4499cbc60e make install is now install sys wide, install-prefix gone, not needed. 2 years ago
heck 32c70ecf7c we build egg and wheel pkg 2 years ago
heck 8f816dafb7 overhaul install instructions 2 years ago
heck a3f117666b nice theme "nature" 2 years ago
heck 5d6013ea9c option --local is superfluous, use --prefix 2 years ago
heck 08a03c0afa unix style newline at end of file required 2 years ago
heck 2a7ed3bb32 no tox for now, too many unfinished things in this repo that dont work atm. 2 years ago
heck f62af62e61 basically no doc got generated, need to include :imported-members: 2 years ago
heck d8ec815423 version info cant be taken from installed pkg, but must be taken from the locally compiled pEp module 2 years ago
heck 0af1ba949e define the pEpPythonAdapter version at compile-time. Fallback to setuptools_scm. 2 years ago
heck 2a1c053d56 setuptools_scm min version 2 years ago
heck b5e4aee667 .hgignore tidy up 2 years ago
heck 4530cf00f3 Added tag 2.2.0-RC1 for changeset f18e1ddd738b 2 years ago
heck 2b5793ff63 PYADPT-87 - "Drop usless `__main__` part form module" 2 years ago
heck 8676fe4a82 Removed tag 2.2.0-RC0 2 years ago
heck b5d3177292 PYADPT-86 - "Rename `native_pEp` into `_pEp`" 2 years ago
heck d1ffedf478 Makefile correct target devenv 2 years ago
heck 9d70514d53 Added tag 2.2.0-RC0 for changeset 47d79fc4defd 2 years ago
heck 28a29a1c65 hartmut recommends: setuptools >= 39.2.0, which supports the `version` file attribute 2 years ago
heck 58c3399307 name correction 2 years ago
heck 5f9495970a update Readme topic "Issues" 2 years ago
heck e52ba5ac01 merge in branch "setupcfg" 2 years ago
heck d40a25bd03 Merge in PYADPT-97 2 years ago
juga a8b9147aba Merge PYADAPT-99 2 years ago
juga 31087b6a29 tests: Show that message encrypt modifies the original one 2 years ago
juga 5a7093b2cc Merge branch PYADAPT-98 2 years ago
juga c448704265 tests: Remove unused constant myself 2 years ago
juga d0a94e20cd tests: Create identities fixture to use in message 2 years ago
juga 072563a343 tests: Update pytests created with older version 2 years ago
juga 15b97543ee hg ignore .eggs and .tox 2 years ago
juga 81113ca5b2 Add page on how to build the documentation 2 years ago
juga f8d6db3be8 Add testing page 2 years ago
juga eb0f27cd47 Add installation page and move heck's instructions 2 years ago
juga c5044ffcdb Add API documentation 2 years ago
juga df469442c5 Add page about software that depends on this 2 years ago