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@ -0,0 +1,146 @@
import os
import re
import sys
import subprocess
import winreg
import zipfile as zf
from os.path import dirname
from os.path import join
def get_bindependencies(lib, debug=False):
"""Gets the pEp dependencies of a library"""
python_location = sys.exec_prefix
bindepend = join(python_location, 'Scripts', 'pyi-bindepend.exe')
output =[bindepend, lib], capture_output=True)
if os.path.isfile(lib):
yield lib
if len(output.stdout) > 0:
deps = parse_bindepend_output(output.stdout)
for dep in add_full_paths(deps, debug):
for d in get_bindependencies(dep):
yield d
def parse_bindepend_output(stdout):
"""Parses the output of pyi-bindepent and returns a list of file names"""
deps = []
if stdout == None:
return None
p = re.compile('(.*){(.*)}(.*)')
str_val = bytes.decode(stdout)
raw_val = p.findall(str_val)
if len(raw_val) == 0:
return deps
libs = raw_val[0][1].replace(' ', '').split(',')
for lib in libs:
lib = lib.strip("'")
if not 'api' in lib:
return deps
def get_pEp_install_location(debug=False):
"""Gets the location where pEp is installed"""
reg_path = "SOFTWARE\\Classes\\TypeLib\\{564A4350-419E-47F1-B0DF-6FCCF0CD0BBC}\\1.0\\0\\win32"
KeyName = None
regKey = None
regKey = winreg.OpenKey(winreg.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, reg_path, 0, winreg.KEY_READ)
# Keys: Description, FileName, FriendlyName, LoadBehavior
com_server, _ = winreg.QueryValueEx(regKey, KeyName)
except WindowsError as error:
print('Error getting install location: ' + error)
com_server = None
if winreg:
location = os.path.dirname(com_server)
if debug:
location = location.strip('Release') + 'Debug'
return location
def get_boost_directories():
"""Gets the location of the boost libraries"""
for dir in [f.path for f in os.scandir(join(os.getcwd(), 'build-windows', 'packages')) if f.is_dir()]:
if 'boost.' in dir or 'boost_python' in dir or 'boost_locale' in dir:
yield join(dir, 'lib', 'native')
def add_full_paths(libs, debug=False):
"""Combines a list of libraries with a set of common directories. Returns a list of file names that exist on this machine"""
paths = [get_pEp_install_location(debug)] + [dir for dir in get_boost_directories()] + [p for p in os.environ['PATH'].split(';')]
paths = [p for p in paths if not "system32" in p.lower()]
full_paths = []
for lib in libs:
for p in paths:
test_path = join(p, lib)
if os.path.isfile(test_path) and not test_path.casefold() in (f.casefold for f in full_paths):
return full_paths
def main():
args = sys.argv
cwd = dirname(args[0])
del args[0]
# Check for debug build
debug = False
if len(args) > 0 and args[0] == '--debug':
debug = True
del args[0]
# Get the pEp wheel and extract the pEp Python library
dist_path = join(dirname(cwd), 'dist')
print('Dist path is: ' + dist_path)
pEp_python_library = None
if os.path.exists(dist_path):
for _, _, files in os.walk(dist_path):
for f in files:
if f[:3] == 'pEp' and f[-3:] == 'whl':
wheel_name = join(dist_path, f)
with zf.ZipFile(wheel_name, 'a') as wheel:
for archive_member in wheel.namelist():
if '_pEp' in archive_member and archive_member[-3:] == 'pyd':
wheel.extract(archive_member, path=dist_path)
pEp_python_library = join(dist_path, archive_member)
print('pEp Python library found and extracted to ' + pEp_python_library)
# Get all dependencies for the pEp Python library
if pEp_python_library == None:
raise FileNotFoundError('pEp Python library not found in ' + dist_path)
pEp_python_library = pEp_python_library.replace('/', '\\')
libs = []
for lib in get_bindependencies(pEp_python_library, debug):
if not lib.casefold() in (l.casefold for l in libs) and lib.casefold() != pEp_python_library.casefold():
print('Dependency found: ' + lib)
# Copy dependencies into the wheel
with zf.ZipFile(wheel_name, 'a') as wheel:
for lib in libs:
filename = os.path.basename(lib)
arcname = 'pEp/' + filename
if not arcname in wheel.namelist():
wheel.write(filename=lib, arcname=arcname, compress_type=zf.ZIP_DEFLATED)
# Delete the temporarily extracted pEp Python library
if os.path.isfile(pEp_python_library):
dir = os.path.dirname(pEp_python_library)
if dir[-3:].lower() == 'pep' and os.path.isdir(dir):
if __name__ == '__main__':

@ -31,9 +31,11 @@ release: clean
PY -3.8-32 build_ext
PY -3.8-32 bdist_wheel
PY -3.8-32 build-windows/
#debug build
debug: clean
PY -3.8-32 build_ext --debug
PY -3.8-32 bdist_wheel
PY -3.8-32 bdist_wheel
PY -3.8-32 build-windows/ --debug

@ -90,6 +90,8 @@ def print_msg(p):
def messageToSend(msg):
assert msg.from_.address == ""
assert[0].address == ""
msg = add_debug_info(msg)
minimail.send(inbox, msg, device_name)