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heck 89613b713e test: - add --debuglog -d 2 years ago
heck 3615191b11 Build: python_requires = >=3.7,<3.9 (since linux and mac might be different) 2 years ago
heck a80a18f027 test: - add --debuglog -d option 2 years ago
heck 7fb3ef584e use Adapter::inject_sync_shutdown() (libpEpAdapter > 0517b9b) 2 years ago
heck 47205953d3 Build: Make default PREFIX=$(HOME), DEBUG=1 2 years ago
Volker Birk 35a83abf14 always have three keys 2 years ago
heck b1400519ff Merge branch 'Release_2.1' 2 years ago
Volker Birk 7f2d884f6e add disable_all_sync_channels() and test with extra identity 2 years ago
heck d94e5881f4 PYADPT-111:, now support single- and mutlithreaded again. but through libpEpAdapter 2 years ago
heck 5738a2ea33 PYADPT-111: a little bit of testing 2 years ago
heck bb70cf0169 PYADPT-111: "Add Single Threaded Sync Implementation" - Implementation 2 years ago
heck 76ef8e0a21 Merge branch 'Release_2.1' of into Release_2.1 2 years ago
heck 9a75cab9cd Build: update supported python versions 2 years ago
Volker Birk a35cea292e Merge branch 'Release_2.1' of ssh:// into Release_2.1 2 years ago
heck fc927ccaac FIX: thread.isAlive() replaced with thread.is_alive() (deprecated) 2 years ago
Volker Birk 5c4dcdba4a the sync thread will continue, don't change directory 2 years ago
Thomas 72aaa55ef5 Update Windows build 2 years ago
heck 8623adce03 BUILD: since using venv, default make target is "make install" 2 years ago
heck 4795d25492 BUILD: Add lxml and termcolor to test requirements 2 years ago
heck aaaa54f6ad Merge branch 'PYADPT-110 - Add Mutlithreaded Sync Implementation' into Release_2.1
Complete Sync implementation in python using python threading.

from libpEpAdapter, use:
* Session
* CallbackDispatcher
* Sync Event Queue
    * retrieve_next_sync_event()
    * _inject_sync_event()

*Sync event processing loop*
Write single threaded implementation of the engine function "do_sync_protocol()" using:
* retrieve_next_sync_event() (libpEpAdapter)
* do_sync_protocol_step() (Engine)
The event loop has to be terminated on NULL event.

*Sync Thread*
Implement Sync thread in python. The Thread has to do:
* Init: register_sync_callbacks()
* Sync event processing loop ()
* Cleanup: unregister_sync_callbacks()

*Python API*
The python API stays backwards compatible.
* start_sync() is not allowed to return before "register_sync_callbacks()" in the sync thread has returned
* stop_sync() has to use _inject_sync_event from libpEpAdapter
* is_sync_active() reports if the python Sync thread is running

* Update [~fdik]s / to work with the new sync impl.
* Add a test for start_sync() / stop_sync() continuously
2 years ago
heck d3d72fd95e .gitignore for "make develop" .so 2 years ago
heck 58cff017ff PYADPT-110: Add a test for start_sync() / stop_sync() repeatedly 2 years ago
heck 3a6058e4b5 PYADPT-110: Update sync testing ( to work with new sync impl 2 years ago
heck f858556460 PYADPT-110: "Add Mutlithreaded Sync Implementation" - Implementation 2 years ago
heck 4209c480a6 correct typo 2 years ago
heck 819dae00c7 .gitignore: add .so 2 years ago
heck e8e46cbbad Test: - add link to more sync testing doc. 2 years ago
heck 3c9bcc1978 CI: Add DEPENDENCIES file 2 years ago
heck 42352258fa docs: update link "Adapter Build Instructions" 2 years ago
heck b76d0410cf Improve README.rst 2 years ago
heck c9864de24e Merge commit 'c643f1ff' into Release_2.1 2 years ago
heck 201f193c18 Merge branch 'Release_2.1.0' of into Release_2.1.0 2 years ago
heck e9cce83395 Fix mac/linux build / make all CFLAGS platform specific 2 years ago
Thomas ea5d4f62ed Add Windows project and adjust build script for Windows build 2 years ago
heck c643f1ff4c C++ class Myself : Identity unused 3 years ago
heck 533477bf64 formatting 3 years ago
heck 7627b6aba1 aww always these typos... 3 years ago
heck 11d257d2c3 .gitignore: mercurial to git migration completed 3 years ago
heck b9e1054c3c minor typo 3 years ago
heck 49af7303a9 TODO: fix pEp.rating 3 years ago
heck a3d25c67a5 use decorators, its neat. 3 years ago
heck 94bc07aadd fix imports 3 years ago
heck dcea22558b rewrite as pytest, move to pytests 3 years ago
heck 8b202b6bf7 rewrite as pytest 3 years ago
heck a03295b495 AGPL 3.0 headers 3 years ago
heck 9a3fb3918d authors roles 3 years ago
heck e6f6a1f6ab test infrastructure 3 years ago
heck 04cd048ee4 Update author credits 3 years ago
heck 938639b379 constants add user id, etc... 3 years ago
heck f70c58685a default pytest opts belong into pyproject.toml 3 years ago
heck 5b12e284c8 structuring fixtures... 3 years ago
heck 23829e2507 just renaming 3 years ago
heck 61174d0136 rename fixtures, make distinction between import and create. (create == myself()) 3 years ago
heck 5963723853 just add encoding header to all test files "# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-" 3 years ago
heck bf4d618a8a Software using pEpPythonAdapter 3 years ago
heck 9abb0dd46d 'make test' and 'make install-test' independent 3 years ago
heck aeb802540a Merge in PYADPT-100 - "pytest: subprocess per test required" 3 years ago
heck 91c2056d9d forgot for tests package 3 years ago
heck cccabb66c3 now rename the tests suite to tests again 3 years ago
heck e3c53a0d3c Rebuild and fix pytest based tests in new dir tests_new. To work with defined env for engine using separate process per test. 3 years ago
heck f07f6e060c lets try moving env setup to fixtures 3 years ago
heck 90a59ccce6 for debian (python alias not working for make invocation) 3 years ago
heck 8adb4a01f9 some IDEs (pycharm, intellij) seem to have problems with a venv folder called _venv 3 years ago
heck 6fefb8a0c9 typos etc.. 3 years ago
heck fab052a75b Fix sphinx make targets
Re structure documentation, more simple for now.
3 years ago
heck c86c95bd77 More documentation on all operations 3 years ago
heck 08d1a5b3b5 convenience target for creating venv that has LD_LIBRARY_PATH set already.
make clean
3 years ago
heck d24ef6888e yes, install doest require anything. (yet) 3 years ago
heck a88419824f from All python package must provide a pyproject.toml and specify the backend (build system) it wants to use 3 years ago
heck 9851fe28b6 Makefike structure, add targets for docs/sphinx 3 years ago
heck 86ab223a30 Switch all doc to rst format 3 years ago
heck 4499cbc60e make install is now install sys wide, install-prefix gone, not needed. 3 years ago
heck 32c70ecf7c we build egg and wheel pkg 3 years ago
heck 8f816dafb7 overhaul install instructions 3 years ago
heck a3f117666b nice theme "nature" 3 years ago
heck 5d6013ea9c option --local is superfluous, use --prefix 3 years ago
heck 08a03c0afa unix style newline at end of file required 3 years ago
heck 2a7ed3bb32 no tox for now, too many unfinished things in this repo that dont work atm. 3 years ago
heck f62af62e61 basically no doc got generated, need to include :imported-members: 3 years ago
heck d8ec815423 version info cant be taken from installed pkg, but must be taken from the locally compiled pEp module 3 years ago
heck 0af1ba949e define the pEpPythonAdapter version at compile-time. Fallback to setuptools_scm. 3 years ago
heck 2a1c053d56 setuptools_scm min version 3 years ago
heck b5e4aee667 .hgignore tidy up 3 years ago
heck 4530cf00f3 Added tag 2.2.0-RC1 for changeset f18e1ddd738b 3 years ago
heck 2b5793ff63 PYADPT-87 - "Drop usless `__main__` part form module" 3 years ago
heck 8676fe4a82 Removed tag 2.2.0-RC0 3 years ago
heck b5d3177292 PYADPT-86 - "Rename `native_pEp` into `_pEp`"
PYADPT-89 - "Make `native_pep` / `_pEp` a submodule of `pEp`"
More doc
3 years ago
heck d1ffedf478 Makefile correct target devenv 3 years ago
heck 9d70514d53 Added tag 2.2.0-RC0 for changeset 47d79fc4defd 3 years ago
heck 28a29a1c65 hartmut recommends: setuptools >= 39.2.0, which supports the `version` file attribute 3 years ago
heck 58c3399307 name correction 3 years ago
heck 5f9495970a update Readme topic "Issues" 3 years ago
heck e52ba5ac01 merge in branch "setupcfg" 3 years ago
heck d40a25bd03 Merge in PYADPT-97 3 years ago
juga a8b9147aba Merge PYADAPT-99 3 years ago
juga 31087b6a29 tests: Show that message encrypt modifies the original one
which is probably not what we want.
If we decide to fix it, the tests' assertions need to be changed.

Closes PYADAPT-99.
3 years ago
juga 5a7093b2cc Merge branch PYADAPT-98 3 years ago
juga c448704265 tests: Remove unused constant myself 3 years ago
juga d0a94e20cd tests: Create identities fixture to use in message
Since the identities are not being tested in the message tests,
facilitate to create them.
3 years ago
juga 072563a343 tests: Update pytests created with older version
Closes PYADPT-98.
3 years ago
juga 15b97543ee hg ignore .eggs and .tox
Generated by setuptools_scm and tox.
3 years ago
juga 81113ca5b2 Add page on how to build the documentation
Closes PYADAPT-97.
3 years ago
juga f8d6db3be8 Add testing page
with instructions on how to run the tests.
3 years ago
juga eb0f27cd47 Add installation page and move heck's instructions
also add other minimal info to the README.
3 years ago
juga c5044ffcdb Add API documentation
generated automatically with `sphinx-apidoc`
3 years ago
juga df469442c5 Add page about software that depends on this 3 years ago
juga 4fba1cf12d Add initial docs structure
Generated with `sphinx-quickstart`
3 years ago
juga 2dc44380f1 Test the package version 3 years ago
juga 18f01bed7e Programatically obtain package version
Closes PYADPT-96
3 years ago
heck b2389253d9 Removed tag 2.2.0-rc1 3 years ago
juga d9b0ae91ec Format correctly tests extra dependencies 3 years ago
juga 922c88fbbe Remove unneded install dependency 3 years ago
juga 6b603fb4ce Added tag 2.2.0-rc1 for changeset b4d08fa2cdab 3 years ago
juga 12c182f1ac Obtain package version from SCM
It can be tested with `python version`.
Note that it's needed to add a tag that conforms semantic versioning.
3 years ago
heck ee3cbb1a01 .editorconfig more filetype specifics 3 years ago
heck eef024b25f setup.cfg some keys added, values are all WIP still 3 years ago
heck b31507992a remove redundancies, information source should be setup.cfg, ( just only code, no data) 3 years ago
heck 3e76763128 start getting the deps into setup.cfg 3 years ago
heck 878616f03b merge in branch 'pytests' from juga 3 years ago
heck 0a5d8de6e5 .editorconfig C++ imaginary settings 3 years ago
heck e2625e25e0 Adding .editorconfig 3 years ago
heck f40ca8d8e6 Formatting only - K&R 1TBS is the standard here 3 years ago
heck ae65f8351f Added tag Release_2.2.0-RC0 for changeset f6f15e49587d 3 years ago
heck b9bf0d60c6 This is the maintenance branch for Release_2.1.0 (see 3 years ago
heck c5c4726e51 Added tag Release_2.1.0 for changeset f7f92375cb5e 3 years ago
heck 35305650f5 Added tag Release_2.1.0-RC2 for changeset 4a031fb9a0e3 3 years ago
heck 179a82f184 Makefile, add targets: dist, dist-whl, dist-egg, install, install-prefix, install-sys 3 years ago
heck fd03e4b75c start getting declarative with setup.cfg 3 years ago
heck 970e261711 Fix setuptools command "install" 3 years ago
heck a44d27af4c Added tag Release_2.1.0-RC1 for changeset 45183a331f2b 3 years ago
heck f366c8329f Merge in PYADPT-81 (Integrate libpEpAdapter) 3 years ago
heck 73666d8437 Mutli-threading support for native libs calling python code added
mixing UserInterface replaced with pEp.notify_handshake() to be overwritten (just like message_to_send())
3 years ago
heck 7eef5f9605 .hgignore local.conf 3 years ago
heck ae364de4cf Adjust build etc. for MacOS 3 years ago
heck 57cec46a75 Add Makefile.conf / local.conf.example (like we have it in pEpEngine, libpEpAdapter, pEpJNIAdapter) 3 years ago
heck 47a0fb5cc1 include guards, replace #pragma once, make sure license headers, minor formatting 3 years ago
heck 1cf31e4687 Add Makefile targets: devenv, envtest 3 years ago
heck 74dcc6f7a7 test test start/stop sync, default/user callback impl. of pEp.message_to_send() 3 years ago
heck c18746e4ec remove local locked_queue.hh 3 years ago
heck 24e13adfe1 sync/message_to_send() callback impl in python and using libpEpAdapter / add pEp.start_sync() 3 years ago
heck 3d42d9a7d5 remove unnecessary namespace identifier pEp:: 3 years ago
heck 50ebe60221 Includes/namespace/using cleanup 3 years ago
heck 07d2130bf0 hybrid C++/Python package / Add Makefile 3 years ago
heck 7ee3d324ee remove usage of local adapter.hh/locked_queue.hh / use session() from libpEpAdapter 3 years ago
heck 60715b61d4 Added tag Release_2.1.0-RC0 for changeset 671d9e268e71 3 years ago
Hartmut Goebel 5eb7a3f975 Add example for simple XML based message format. 3 years ago
heck d5e1316c86 This is the new default branch
Welcome to the post sync-era
3 years ago
heck 99978b8152 Add Identity.key_mistrusted() 3 years ago
heck efbf1f270e Test for key_mistrusted() 3 years ago
heck 4903e37714 Add export option --secret-keys to utils/pEp 3 years ago
heck 8da45b4e96 Test for export_secret_key() 3 years ago
heck 42a59cbd01 Add feature export_secret_key(Identity) 3 years ago
heck 21b49bcf08 Add pEp --export address [filename] 3 years ago
heck 7256e87f93 Test for export_key(Identity) 3 years ago
heck f9b7d61d79 Added feature export_key(Identity) 3 years ago
heck 6efc9ae952 Just update 3 years ago
heck 89f9c96e90 Add test/data/keys containing Alice and Bob pub/sec keysfiles. (for import/export tests) 3 years ago
heck 47913909df Why not make all executable python scripts executable using:
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
3 years ago
heck 360a81f1d7 This did not seem to work on MacOs and Linux 3 years ago
heck 25c977ff57 Update tests to work with the new and shiny ENUM names (359:12f3d59c25de, "nice enums") 3 years ago
heck 7c8ce9448c now integrated into
(updates build instructions and build script 3 weeks ago and nobody complained)
3 years ago
Volker Birk ee8c159657 nice enums 3 years ago
heck d409cfacb5 Complete overhaul of, build and install instructions
- now works for linux, mac, (win to be tested)
- Removed a lot of unnecessary code and complexity
- Added logging
3 years ago
Volker Birk 92113d3eb3 removing uname, because this is breaking Windows builds 3 years ago
heck 9bb419c96b Merge of branch PYADPT-55 (Expose enum _PEP_color) 3 years ago
heck 6f1ef00d58 Linux build, fix 32Bit compat (not kidding) 3 years ago
heck 8f93104ebe Identity.color now returns PEP_color instead of int
Message.outgoing_color returns PEP_color instead of int
pEp.color(rating) now returns PEP_color) instead of int
3 years ago
heck b3b725fc2e Add Test for equal resolution of colors using int (OLD) vs using PEP_color (NEW) 3 years ago
heck 40ac9a7360 PYADPT-55 Expose enum _PEP_color 3 years ago
juga 9e18f45a80 Add pytest unit tests
so that they all can run with just one pytest command, they can be
integrated with python test command and with tox and they can be
run separately with different python versions.
3 years ago

@ -0,0 +1,30 @@
root = true
charset = utf-8
end_of_line = lf
indent_size = 4
indent_style = space
insert_final_newline = true
max_line_length = 300
tab_width = 4
# C++ Coding style
# I know these keys are unknown, regard it as documentation
indent_brace_style = K&R
curly_bracket_next_line = false
spaces_around_operators = true
spaces_around_brackets = true
indent_size = 4
indent_style = tab
indent_size = 2
indent_size = 2

.gitignore vendored

@ -0,0 +1,82 @@
syntax: glob
# Default ignored files
# Build config
# Python artifacts
# file generated by setuptools_scm
# Doc artifacts
# Test artifacts
# Editor artifacts and config
# platform artifacts

@ -1,25 +0,0 @@
syntax: glob

@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
# This is the list of pEpPythonAdapter's significant contributors.
# This does not necessarily list everyone who has contributed code
# To see the full list of contributors, see the revision history in
# source control.
Volker Birk <> (original author and maintainer)
Heck <> (current maintainer and author)
Hartmut Goebel <> (contributions)
juga <> (contributions)

@ -0,0 +1,6 @@
# 1st Party Dependencies
## Prefer git tags instead of SHA hashes when possible.

@ -0,0 +1,88 @@
include Makefile.conf
.PHONY: all compile compile-inplace dist dist-egg dist-whl install install-user venv envtest install-test test develop docs clean clean-all clean-docs
all: install
# Build
# =====
python3 build_ext $(DEBUG_OPT) $(PREFIX_OPT)
python3 build_ext $(DEBUG_OPT) $(PREFIX_OPT) --inplace
# Packaging
# =========
# create wheel and egg package in dist/
dist: dist-whl dist-egg
# create wheel package in dist/
dist-whl: compile
python3 bdist_wheel
# create egg package in dist/
dist-egg: compile
python3 bdist_egg
# Installation
# ============
# installs the package system wide
install: compile
pip3 install .
# installs the package into your user home
install-user: compile
pip3 install . --user
# Envrionment
# ===========
# Creates and activates a new venv that has the LD_LIBRARY_PATH/DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH
# already set for the prefix specified in local.conf
# Only activates venv if already existing
python3 -m venv $(VENV_DIR)
bash --rcfile $(VENV_DIR)/bin/activate
# Tests if the current environment is able to load the pEp module
python3 -c 'import pEp'
# Test
# ====
# Use these targets only in venv created with 'make venv'
install-test: compile
pip3 install .[test]
# Development
develop: compile
pip install -e .
# Documentation
# =============
docs: compile-inplace
make html -C docs/
# Housekeeping
# ============
clean-all: clean
rm -rf $(VENV_DIR)
clean: clean-docs
rm -rf $(BUILD_DIR)
rm -rf $(DIST_DIR)
rm -rf $(VERSION_FILE)
make clean -C docs/

@ -0,0 +1,26 @@
HERE:=$(dir $(lastword $(MAKEFILE_LIST)))
# Constants
BUILD_DIR = ./build
DIST_DIR = ./dist
VERSION_FILE = ./src/pEp/
BUILD_INPLACE = ./src/pEp/
PYTHON_ARTIFACTS += ./src/pEp.egg-info
PYTHON_ARTIFACTS += ./.pytest_cache
VENV_DIR = ./venv
# Build config Defaults
######### Overrides #########
-include $(HERE)local.conf
ifeq ($(DEBUG),1)
ifneq ($(PREFIX),)
PREFIX_OPT += --prefix=$(PREFIX)

@ -1,11 +0,0 @@
There's a in pEpPythonAdapter/
In Python we've setup tools, so it's:
python3 build
python3 install
That is a Python concept. You can find more about it here:

@ -0,0 +1,22 @@
Python adapter for the `pEpEngine <>`_
The build instructions can be found in ``docs/source/install.rst``.
These build instruction also cover how to generate the complete documentation using sphinx.
If you are not pEp internal, please send a mail to:
If you are pEp internal, please open a ticket in our `jira bugtracker <`_ and for any questions, you are always welcome on #adapter>.
|Version 3, 19 November 2007
|See LICENSE.txt

@ -0,0 +1,31 @@

Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File, Format Version 12.00
# Visual Studio Version 16
VisualStudioVersion = 16.0.31005.135
MinimumVisualStudioVersion = 10.0.40219.1
Project("{8BC9CEB8-8B4A-11D0-8D11-00A0C91BC942}") = "pEpPythonAdapter", "pEpPythonAdapter.vcxproj", "{F7D4314B-C7BA-4117-9AE7-AC5C1492153D}"
GlobalSection(SolutionConfigurationPlatforms) = preSolution
Debug|x64 = Debug|x64
Debug|x86 = Debug|x86
Release|x64 = Release|x64
Release|x86 = Release|x86
GlobalSection(ProjectConfigurationPlatforms) = postSolution
{F7D4314B-C7BA-4117-9AE7-AC5C1492153D}.Debug|x64.ActiveCfg = Debug|x64
{F7D4314B-C7BA-4117-9AE7-AC5C1492153D}.Debug|x64.Build.0 = Debug|x64
{F7D4314B-C7BA-4117-9AE7-AC5C1492153D}.Debug|x86.ActiveCfg = Debug|Win32
{F7D4314B-C7BA-4117-9AE7-AC5C1492153D}.Debug|x86.Build.0 = Debug|Win32
{F7D4314B-C7BA-4117-9AE7-AC5C1492153D}.Release|x64.ActiveCfg = Release|x64
{F7D4314B-C7BA-4117-9AE7-AC5C1492153D}.Release|x64.Build.0 = Release|x64
{F7D4314B-C7BA-4117-9AE7-AC5C1492153D}.Release|x86.ActiveCfg = Release|Win32
{F7D4314B-C7BA-4117-9AE7-AC5C1492153D}.Release|x86.Build.0 = Release|Win32
GlobalSection(SolutionProperties) = preSolution
HideSolutionNode = FALSE
GlobalSection(ExtensibilityGlobals) = postSolution
SolutionGuid = {B63BC9BA-EF76-4FB4-9126-29CBFAD9092C}

@ -0,0 +1,112 @@
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Project DefaultTargets="Build" xmlns="">
<ItemGroup Label="ProjectConfigurations">
<ProjectConfiguration Include="Debug|Win32">
<ProjectConfiguration Include="Release|Win32">
<ProjectConfiguration Include="Debug|x64">
<ProjectConfiguration Include="Release|x64">
<PropertyGroup Label="Globals">
<Import Project="$(VCTargetsPath)\Microsoft.Cpp.Default.props" />
<PropertyGroup Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Debug|Win32'" Label="Configuration">
<PropertyGroup Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Release|Win32'" Label="Configuration">
<PropertyGroup Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Debug|x64'" Label="Configuration">
<PropertyGroup Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Release|x64'" Label="Configuration">
<Import Project="$(VCTargetsPath)\Microsoft.Cpp.props" />
<ImportGroup Label="ExtensionSettings">
<ImportGroup Label="Shared">
<ImportGroup Label="PropertySheets" Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Debug|Win32'">
<Import Project="$(UserRootDir)\Microsoft.Cpp.$(Platform).user.props" Condition="exists('$(UserRootDir)\Microsoft.Cpp.$(Platform).user.props')" Label="LocalAppDataPlatform" />
<ImportGroup Label="PropertySheets" Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Release|Win32'">
<Import Project="$(UserRootDir)\Microsoft.Cpp.$(Platform).user.props" Condition="exists('$(UserRootDir)\Microsoft.Cpp.$(Platform).user.props')" Label="LocalAppDataPlatform" />
<ImportGroup Label="PropertySheets" Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Debug|x64'">
<Import Project="$(UserRootDir)\Microsoft.Cpp.$(Platform).user.props" Condition="exists('$(UserRootDir)\Microsoft.Cpp.$(Platform).user.props')" Label="LocalAppDataPlatform" />
<ImportGroup Label="PropertySheets" Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Release|x64'">
<Import Project="$(UserRootDir)\Microsoft.Cpp.$(Platform).user.props" Condition="exists('$(UserRootDir)\Microsoft.Cpp.$(Platform).user.props')" Label="LocalAppDataPlatform" />
<PropertyGroup Label="UserMacros" />
<PropertyGroup Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Debug|Win32'">
<NMakeBuildCommandLine>nmake /F "$(ProjectDir)..\make.mak" debug</NMakeBuildCommandLine>
<NMakeCleanCommandLine>nmake /F "$(ProjectDir)..\make.mak" clean</NMakeCleanCommandLine>
<PropertyGroup Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Debug|x64'">
<PropertyGroup Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Release|Win32'">
<NMakeBuildCommandLine>nmake /F "$(ProjectDir)..\make.mak" release</NMakeBuildCommandLine>
<NMakeCleanCommandLine>nmake /F "$(ProjectDir)..\make.mak" clean</NMakeCleanCommandLine>
<PropertyGroup Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Release|x64'">
<None Include="..\make.mak" />
<None Include="..\" />
<None Include="packages.config" />
<Import Project="$(VCTargetsPath)\Microsoft.Cpp.targets" />
<ImportGroup Label="ExtensionTargets">
<Import Project="packages\boost.\build\boost.targets" Condition="Exists('packages\boost.\build\boost.targets')" />
<Import Project="packages\boost_locale-vc142.\build\boost_locale-vc142.targets" Condition="Exists('packages\boost_locale-vc142.\build\boost_locale-vc142.targets')" />
<Import Project="packages\boost_python38-vc142.\build\boost_python38-vc142.targets" Condition="Exists('packages\boost_python38-vc142.\build\boost_python38-vc142.targets')" />
<Target Name="EnsureNuGetPackageBuildImports" BeforeTargets="PrepareForBuild">
<ErrorText>This project references NuGet package(s) that are missing on this computer. Use NuGet Package Restore to download them. For more information, see The missing file is {0}.</ErrorText>
<Error Condition="!Exists('packages\boost.\build\boost.targets')" Text="$([System.String]::Format('$(ErrorText)', 'packages\boost.\build\boost.targets'))" />
<Error Condition="!Exists('packages\boost_locale-vc142.\build\boost_locale-vc142.targets')" Text="$([System.String]::Format('$(ErrorText)', 'packages\boost_locale-vc142.\build\boost_locale-vc142.targets'))" />
<Error Condition="!Exists('packages\boost_python38-vc142.\build\boost_python38-vc142.targets')" Text="$([System.String]::Format('$(ErrorText)', 'packages\boost_python38-vc142.\build\boost_python38-vc142.targets'))" />

@ -0,0 +1,6 @@
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<package id="boost" version="" targetFramework="native" />
<package id="boost_locale-vc142" version="" targetFramework="native" />
<package id="boost_python38-vc142" version="" targetFramework="native" />

@ -1,4 +0,0 @@
pEpPythonAdapter => Python 3
=> g++ | clang | CL.EXE
-> boost::python
-> pEpEngine

@ -0,0 +1,19 @@
# Minimal makefile for Sphinx documentation
# You can set these variables from the command line.
SPHINXBUILD = sphinx-build
SOURCEDIR = source
BUILDDIR = build
# Put it first so that "make" without argument is like "make help".
.PHONY: help Makefile
# Catch-all target: route all unknown targets to Sphinx using the new
# "make mode" option. $(O) is meant as a shortcut for $(SPHINXOPTS).
%: Makefile

@ -0,0 +1,35 @@
pushd %~dp0
REM Command file for Sphinx documentation
if "%SPHINXBUILD%" == "" (
set SPHINXBUILD=sphinx-build
set SOURCEDIR=source
set BUILDDIR=build
if "%1" == "" goto help
if errorlevel 9009 (
echo.The 'sphinx-build' command was not found. Make sure you have Sphinx
echo.installed, then set the SPHINXBUILD environment variable to point the full path of the 'sphinx-build' executable. Alternatively you
echo.may add the Sphinx directory to PATH.
echo.If you don't have Sphinx installed, grab it from
exit /b 1
goto end

@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
pEp package
Module contents
.. automodule:: pEp

@ -0,0 +1,206 @@
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Configuration file for the Sphinx documentation builder.
# This file does only contain a selection of the most common options. For a
# full list see the documentation:
# -- Path setup --------------------------------------------------------------
# If extensions (or modules to document with autodoc) are in another directory,
# add these directories to sys.path here. If the directory is relative to the
# documentation root, use os.path.abspath to make it absolute, like shown here.
import os
import sys
sys.path.insert(0, os.path.abspath('../../src'))
# -- Project information -----------------------------------------------------
project = "pEpPythonAdapter"
copyright = "2020, Volker Birk, heck, Hartmut Goebel, juga"
author = "Volker Birk, heck, Hartmut Goebel, juga"
import pEp
# The full version, including alpha/beta/rc tags
release = pEp.__version__
# The short X.Y version
version = ".".join(release.split(".")[:2])
print("release:", release)
print("version:", version)
# -- General configuration ---------------------------------------------------
# If your documentation needs a minimal Sphinx version, state it here.
# needs_sphinx = '1.0'
# Add any Sphinx extension module names here, as strings. They can be
# extensions coming with Sphinx (named 'sphinx.ext.*') or your custom
# ones.
extensions = [
# Add any paths that contain templates here, relative to this directory.
templates_path = ["_templates"]
# The suffix(es) of source filenames.
# You can specify multiple suffix as a list of string:
# source_suffix = ['.rst', '.md']
source_suffix = ".rst"
# The master toctree document.
master_doc = "index"
# The language for content autogenerated by Sphinx. Refer to documentation
# for a list of supported languages.
# This is also used if you do content translation via gettext catalogs.
# Usually you set "language" from the command line for these cases.
language = None
# List of patterns, relative to source directory, that match files and
# directories to ignore when looking for source files.
# This pattern also affects html_static_path and html_extra_path.
exclude_patterns = []
# The name of the Pygments (syntax highlighting) style to use.
pygments_style = None
# -- Options for HTML output -------------------------------------------------
# The theme to use for HTML and HTML Help pages. See the documentation for
# a list of builtin themes.
html_theme = "nature"
# Theme options are theme-specific and customize the look and feel of a theme
# further. For a list of options available for each theme, see the
# documentation.
# html_theme_options = {}
# Add any paths that contain custom static files (such as style sheets) here,
# relative to this directory. They are copied after the builtin static files,
# so a file named "default.css" will overwrite the builtin "default.css".
html_static_path = ["_static"]
# Custom sidebar templates, must be a dictionary that maps document names
# to template names.
# The default sidebars (for documents that don't match any pattern) are
# defined by theme itself. Builtin themes are using these templates by
# default: ``['localtoc.html', 'relations.html', 'sourcelink.html',
# 'searchbox.html']``.
# html_sidebars = {}
# -- Options for HTMLHelp output ---------------------------------------------
# Output file base name for HTML help builder.
htmlhelp_basename = "pEpPythonAdapterdoc"
# -- Options for LaTeX output ------------------------------------------------
latex_elements = {
# The paper size ('letterpaper' or 'a4paper').
# 'papersize': 'letterpaper',
# The font size ('10pt', '11pt' or '12pt').
# 'pointsize': '10pt',
# Additional stuff for the LaTeX preamble.
# 'preamble': '',
# Latex figure (float) alignment
# 'figure_align': 'htbp',
# Grouping the document tree into LaTeX files. List of tuples
# (source start file, target name, title,
# author, documentclass [howto, manual, or own class]).
latex_documents = [
"pEpPythonAdapter Documentation",
"2020, Volker Birk, heck, juga",
# -- Options for manual page output ------------------------------------------
# One entry per manual page. List of tuples
# (source start file, name, description, authors, manual section).
man_pages = [
"pEpPythonAdapter Documentation",
# -- Options for Texinfo output ----------------------------------------------
# Grouping the document tree into Texinfo files. List of tuples
# (source start file, target name, title, author,
# dir menu entry, description, category)
texinfo_documents = [
"pEpPythonAdapter Documentation",
"One line description of project.",
# -- Options for Epub output -------------------------------------------------
# Bibliographic Dublin Core info.
epub_title = project
# The unique identifier of the text. This can be a ISBN number
# or the project homepage.
# epub_identifier = ''
# A unique identification for the text.
# epub_uid = ''
# A list of files that should not be packed into the epub file.
epub_exclude_files = ["search.html"]
# -- Extension configuration -------------------------------------------------
# -- Options for intersphinx extension ---------------------------------------
# Example configuration for intersphinx: refer to the Python standard library.
intersphinx_mapping = {"": None}
# -- Options for todo extension ----------------------------------------------
# If true, `todo` and `todoList` produce output, else they produce nothing.
todo_include_todos = True

@ -0,0 +1,21 @@
.. pEpPythonAdapter documentation master file, created by
sphinx-quickstart on Wed Oct 21 12:35:11 2020.
You can adapt this file completely to your liking, but it should at least
contain the root `toctree` directive.
Welcome to pEpPythonAdapter's documentation!
.. toctree::
:maxdepth: 2
:caption: Contents:
Indices and tables
* :ref:`genindex`
* :ref:`modindex`
* :ref:`search`

@ -0,0 +1,143 @@
In order to build, use or install this extension module, you need to have some
system dependencies already installed:
* pEp-base (sequoia, libetpan, asn1c, yml2, pEpEngine, libpEpAdapter)
* boost-python
These `build instructions <>`_ will get you all setup.
Additionally, there is a `build script <>`_
that executes these build instructions automatically (Debian and MacOS):
.. Note:: If you dont install pEp-base system wide, but under a prefix, like /home/foo/local/,
you will need to have LD_LIBARY_PATH/DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH adjusted for all the following operations.
The pEpPythonAdapter is a python extension module that contains C/C++ code that needs to be
compiled first. So, before any use or installation, the module needs to be built.
Build config
Create a local build config by creating a 'local.conf' file. There is a 'local.conf.example' describing
all the build options. You can use this as a template.
``cp local.conf.example local.conf``
If you have pEp-base installed under a custom prefix (e.g. /home/foo/local) it is important
that you specify "PREFIX".
To build the module just type:
This will compile the C/C++ parts of the module and create the python packages in the .egg and .wheel format
in the dist/ dir.
We recommend using a venv to work on/with the pEpPythonAdapter.
There is a convenience make target that will create and activate a venv that already has the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
or DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH set according to your ``local.conf``.
If the venv does not exist yet it will be created and activated.
If the venv already exists it will only be activated.
``make venv``
After that, to install the pEp module into the venv, do:
``make install``
You can install the module in the in the following ways.
To install the extension module system wide or into a venv, use:
``make install``
To install the extension module into your home dir, use:
``make install-user``
To run the whole testsuite you need to first create/activate the venv:
``make venv``
then install the test-dependencies:
``make install-test``
And finally run the test-suite:
``make test``
Module Development
To develop on the module itself, first of all create and activate a venv:
``make venv``
Then, in the venv install the module in development mode.
``make develop``
While developing there are two levels of changes. Changes to the python part of the module (pEp), and
changes to the C/C++ part of the module (_pEp). If you change just python code, the changes are effective immediately.
If you do changes to the C/C++ part you need to issue ``make develop`` again, to recompile the extension and install
the new binary (.so/.dylib) of the module into the venv.
The documentation of the pEpPythonAdapter uses `Sphinx <>`_
Refer to the `Sphinx installation instructions <>`_ to install it.
To generate the documentation in the HTML format, there is a make target "docs"
But first, you need to create/activate the venv or set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH manually.
``make venv``
``make docs``
You can see the generated HTML documentation in a browser opening the directory
There are the following "clean" targets.
To delete all the generated documentation, run:
``make docs-clean``
To delete all the "derived" files including eggs, wheels, shared libs, build files and caches, run:
``make clean``
To delete all of make clean plus the venv (should equal a complete reset), run:
``make clean-all``
If you know how to use docker, you can avoid having to install all
the dependencies using the image
.. Note:: This docker image is not officially maintained and it exists only
until there is an official Debian one.

@ -0,0 +1,7 @@
Software using pEpPythonAdapter
- `pEpProxy <>`_
- `command-line-tool <>`_
- `pEpPythonMixnet <>`_
- `pEpSimulator <URL???>`_

@ -0,0 +1,131 @@
#/!usr/bin/env python3
# Copyleft 2020, p≡p Security
# Copyleft 2020, Hartmut Goebel <>
# This file is under GNU General Public License 3.0
This examples shows how to transport pEp messages within a
simple XML based message format which is capable for attachments.
pEp message elements loosely follow the "pEp for XML specification" and
IMPORTANT: In this example, no error checking is done. Neither is
the "pEp for XML" specification enforced.
Structure of the simple XML based message:
<body>text of the messgage (must not be XML)</bod>
<attachment>textual data</attachment>
from lxml import etree
import email.utils
import pEp
__all__ = ["serialize_pEp_message", "parse_serialized_message"]
CT2TAG = {
'application/pgp-keys': 'keydata',
'application/pEp.sync': 'sync',
'application/pEp.distribution': 'distribution',
'application/pgp-signature': 'signature',
TAG2CT = dict((v,k)for (k,v) in CT2TAG.items())
def serialize_pEp_message(msg):
root = etree.Element("msg", nsmap=NSMAP)
etree.SubElement(root, "to").text = str([0])
etree.SubElement(root, "from").text = str(msg.from_)
if msg.enc_format == UNENCRYPTED:
# unencrypted
etree.SubElement(root, "body").text = msg.longmsg
attachments = etree.SubElement(root, "attachments")
# FIXME: Namespace
attachments = etree.SubElement(attachments,
PEP_NS + "attachments",
# TODO: opt_fields, esp. auto-consume
# TODO: Order pEp attachments by type
for attach in msg.attachments:
# no need to base64-encode, attachement are ascii-armoured
# already
#attachment = base64_encode(attachment)
# FIXME: Namespace
a = etree.SubElement(attachments,
PEP_NS + CT2TAG[attach.mime_type])
a.text = attach.decode("ascii")
else: # encrypted
# forget about longmsg and original body
# encrypted message is an attachment and there might be
# further attachments, e.g. new keys
# build a new message out of these attachments
etree.SubElement(root, "body") # emptry body
attachments = etree.SubElement(root, "attachments")
assert len(msg.attachments) == 2
# first attachment is "Version: 1"
attach = msg.attachments[1]
# no need to base64-encode, attachements are ascii-armoured
# already
n = etree.SubElement(root, PEP_NS + "message")
n.text = attach.decode("ascii")
return etree.tostring(root)
def parse_serialized_message(transport_message):
def addr2identity(text):
name, addr = email.utils.parseaddr(text)
ident = pEp.Identity(addr, name)
return ident
# parse the XML text, fetch from and to
root = etree.fromstring(transport_message)
from_ = addr2identity(root.xpath("./from/text()")[0])
msg1 = pEp.Message(INCOMING, from_)"./to/text()")[0]))
enc_msg = root.find("{%s}message" % PEP_NAMESPACE)
if enc_msg is not None:
# this is an encrypted message, ignore all but the encrypted message
msg1.attachments = [
# As of Engine r4652 the encrypted message must be the second
# attachment
pEp.Blob(b"Version: 1", "application/pgp-encrypted"),
pEp.Blob(enc_msg.text.encode(), "application/xxpgp-encrypted")]
# this is an unencrypted message, might contain pEp attachments
msg1.longmsg = root.findtext("body")
pEp_attachments = None
attachments = root.find("attachments")
if attachments is not None:
pEp_attachments = attachments.find("{%s}attachments" % PEP_NAMESPACE)
if pEp_attachments is not None:
msg1.opt_fields['X-pEp-Version'] = pEp_attachments.attrib["version"]
pEp_attachs = []
for tagname in ("keydata", "signature", "sync", "distribution"):
for attach in pEp_attachments.iterfind(
"{%s}%s" % (PEP_NAMESPACE, tagname)):
pEp.Blob(attach.text.encode(), TAG2CT[tagname]))
msg1.attachments = pEp_attachs
msg2, keys, rating, flags = msg1.decrypt()
return msg2, rating

@ -0,0 +1,11 @@
# This is an Example build config file (local.conf)
# you might not need this file, but if the defaults dont work for you
# You can override them here.