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# build dirs
BUILD_DIR = $(ProjectDir)..\build
DIST_DIR = $(ProjectDir)..\dist
# create wheel and egg package in dist
dist: dist-whl dist-egg
# create wheel package in dist
dist-whl: compile
PY -3.8-32 bdist_wheel
# create egg package in dist
dist-egg: compile
PY -3.8-32 bdist_egg
# build the module into build
PY -3.8-32 build_ext --debug
# delete output directories
@if exist $(BUILD_DIR) rmdir /S /Q $(BUILD_DIR)
@if exist $(DIST_DIR) rmdir /S /Q $(DIST_DIR)
# create directories and build application
all: clean dist
# release build
release: clean
PY -3.8-32 build_ext
PY -3.8-32 bdist_wheel
#debug build
debug: clean
PY -3.8-32 build_ext --debug
PY -3.8-32 bdist_wheel