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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# This file is under GNU Affero General Public License 3.0
# see LICENSE.txt
from setuptools import setup, Extension
from glob import glob
from os import environ, uname
from os.path import dirname, exists, join
from sys import argv
compile_args = ['-O0', '-g', '-UNDEBUG', '-std=c++14'] \
if '--debug' in argv or '-g' in argv else ['-std=c++14']
def find(file, pathlist):
for path in pathlist:
_file = join(path, file)
if exists(_file):
return dirname(_file)
raise FileNotFoundError(file)
includes = [
join(environ['HOME'], 'include'),
join(environ['HOME'], 'share'),
libraries = [
join(environ['HOME'], 'lib'),
libext = '.dylib' if uname().sysname == 'Darwin' else '.so'
search_for_includes = 'pEp', 'boost', 'asn1c/asn_system.h'
search_for_libraries = 'libpEpengine' + libext, 'libboost_python3-mt' + libext
module_pEp = Extension('pEp',
sources = glob('src/*.cc'),
libraries = ['pEpEngine', 'boost_python3-mt', 'boost_locale-mt',],
extra_compile_args = compile_args,
include_dirs = list(set( [ find(file, includes) for file in
search_for_includes ] )),
library_dirs = list(set( [ find(file, libraries) for file in
search_for_libraries ] )),
description='p≡p for Python',
author="Volker Birk",