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= Tests in this directory =

$ HOME=$PWD python3 -v do some basic tests of p≡p

CAVEAT: set environment variable HOME to a test directory before executing
this test

$ python3 start two processes representing two devices and do a sync test

Once started is creating a trace of all sent messages in TestInbox. There's a file named Laptop or Phone, respectively, which is working as a marker; the modification timestamp of this file is showing the mails being considered as “already received”. If you delete the file and start i.e.

$ cd Phone $ rm ../TestInbox/Phone $ HOME=$PWD lldb python3 -- ../ -e Phone

Then this side is doing a replay in the debugger. Using touch to set a different timestamp on the marker will only partly replay.

In order to work with IMAP you need to create a file with the following variables:

IMAP_HOST = '' IMAP_PORT = '993' IMAP_USER = 'your_username' IMAP_PWD = 'password' IMAP_EMAIL = ''

= Hint =

installing termcolor and lxml will beautify the output