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"""pytest configuration for the unit tests."""
import os
import pytest
from . import constants
def datadir(request):
"""Get, read, open test files from the tests "data" directory."""
class D:
def __init__(self, basepath):
self.basepath = basepath
def open(self, name, mode="r"):
return self.basepath.join(name).open(mode)
def join(self, name):
return self.basepath.join(name).strpath
def read(self, name):
with, "r") as f:
def readlines(self, name):
with, "r") as f:
return f.readlines()
return D(request.fspath.dirpath("data"))
def tmpdir(tmpdir_factory, request):
"""Create a tmp dir for the tests"""
base = str(hash(request.node.nodeid))[:3]
bn = tmpdir_factory.mktemp(base)
import os
os.environ["HOME"] = str(bn)
return bn
def alice_sec_key_data(datadir):
key_data ='alice@openpgp.example.sec.asc')
return key_data
def bob_pub_key_data(datadir):
key_data ='')
return key_data
def create_alice_identity(tmpdir, alice_sec_key_data, bob_pub_key_data):
os.environ["HOME"] = str(tmpdir)
import pEp
alice = pEp.Identity(
constants.ALICE_ADDRESS, constants.ALICE_NAME,
constants.ALICE_NAME_ADDR, constants.ALICE_FP, 0, ''
pEp.set_own_key(alice, constants.ALICE_FP)
return alice
def create_bob_identity(tmpdir, bob_pub_key_data):
os.environ["HOME"] = str(tmpdir)
import pEp
bob = pEp.Identity(
constants.BOB_ADDRESS, constants.BOB_NAME, '',
constants.BOB_FP, 56, ''
return bob