Extend on Key Sync terms; also add Beacon (message) term.

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@ -112,15 +112,16 @@ not leaked or exposed to theft -- end-device security being out-of-scope.
{::include ../shared/text-blocks/tofu.mkd}
{::include ../shared/text-blocks/mitm.mkd}
* Device Group: All devices that share a common mailbox to exchange user
keys, trust, calendar and other information.
* Beacon (message): A text message that is stored inside the mailbox of the
Device Group, which contains control commands and serves as communication
channel between the devices of the Device Group.
* Device Group: All devices that are grouped to share data like
cryptographic keys, trust information, calendar, configuration and other
data. The data is synchronized through a common data channel for a given
identity, e.g., a mailbox in email.
* Sole Device: A device which is not part of a Device Group.
* Grouped Device: A device which is already part of a Device Group.
* Beacon (message): A technical text message that is broadcasted by Sole
Devices. Other Sole Devices or a Grouped Device of the same identity can
consume such a message in order to start negotitation for the formation of a
Device Group.
# General Description