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title: "Privacy and Security Threat Analysis and Requirements for Private Messaging"
abbrev: "Priv. Messaging: Threat Analysis & Req."
title: "Requirements for Private Messaging"
abbrev: "Private Messaging Requirements"
docname: draft-symeonidis-medup-requirements-01
category: std
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# I-D.marques-pep-rating:
# I-D.marques-pep-handshake:
# I-D.hoeneisen-pep-keysync:
{::include ../shared/references/unger-sok.mkd}
{::include ../shared/references/pfitzmann-terminology-privacy.mkd}
{::include ../shared/references/tor-timing-attacks.mkd}
@ -69,6 +70,7 @@ In MEDUP these issues are addressed based on Opportunistic Security
This documents covers analysis of threats to privacy and
security and derives requirements from this threat analysis.
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* draft-symeonidis-medup-requirements-00:
* Initial version
* draft-symeonidis-medup-requirements-01:
* Split of document
* move threat analysis related sections to new I-D
* Updated Titel
# Open Issues
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