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title: "Privacy and Security Threat Analysis for Private Messaging"
abbrev: "Private Messaging: Threat Analysis"
docname: draft-symeonidis-pearg-private-messaging-threats-01
category: std
category: info
stand_alone: yes
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# I-D.birk-pep-trustwords:
# I-D.marques-pep-rating:
# I-D.marques-pep-handshake:
# I-D.pep-keysync:
{::include ../shared/references/clark-seuring-email.mkd}
{::include ../shared/references/diaz-measuring-anonymity.mkd}
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The authors would like to thank the following people who have provided
feedback or significant contributions to the development of this
document: Athena Schumacher, Claudio Luck, Hernani Marques, Kelly
Bristol, Krista Bennett, and Nana Karlstetter.
Bristol, Krista Bennett, Nana Karlstetter, and Sara Dickinson.
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* Initial version
* this document partially replaces draft-symeonidis-medup-requirements-00
* draft-symeonidis-pearg-private-messaging-threats-01:
* Intended Status: std -> info
# Open Issues
\[\[ RFC Editor: This section should be empty and is to be removed
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* Decide on whether or not "enterprise requirement" will go to this
* Check for occurrences of string "standard" and ajust accordingly
* Section on related work in the IETF
* Use RFC6973 terminology where applicable and sensible, or explain,
why differenct terms are used herein
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