22 Commits (e08acf463a86208e2e732a6953142f698677c515)

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  Bernie Hoeneisen e08acf463a remove dependencies on E-D keysync 3 years ago
  Bernie Hoeneisen d3978e9864 corrected syntax of Makefiles 3 years ago
  Hernâni Marques aac7601379 s/hmtl/html/g in Makefiles; mv corr. generated files. 3 years ago
  Bernie Hoeneisen a6eb2dad38 distclean before review 3 years ago
  Bernie Hoeneisen 203114a88a added missing line 3 years ago
  Bernie Hoeneisen 20de17e772 reordered dependencies, commented lines need to go to end 3 years ago
  Bernie Hoeneisen aba972d811 added rule for review 3 years ago
  Bernie Hoeneisen 9ded134445 added missing depenency 3 years ago
  Bernie Hoeneisen e178c70e54 updated dependencies 4 years ago
  Hernâni Marques 5c2c23516f Prepare for rev 04 4 years ago
  Bernie Hoeneisen f3e2ed9a26 cleaned up all drafts by using more include statements for common sections; split up terms.mkd; rearranged folder "shared"; minor edits 4 years ago
  Bernie Hoeneisen 24233be6df Start to sort out Identity crisis 4 years ago
  Bernie Hoeneisen 42e34d9950 use distclean instead of cleanall (to follow conventions) 4 years ago
  Hernâni Marques 6e1ee8c97f Bump version to 03 for next submission 4 years ago
  Bernie Hoeneisen bb3855ef00 added 'cleanall' to Makefile 4 years ago
  Bernie Hoeneisen f99539f78e adjused, similar as tustwords I-D 4 years ago
  Hernâni Marques 416e605f26 Prepare for 02 rev 4 years ago
  Hernâni Marques 450c607d66 Bump version 5 years ago
  Hernâni Marques 3bf032632d Add HTML targets. 6 years ago
  Hernâni Marques 93d5fff5d5 Small changes 6 years ago
  Hernâni Marques 315e02e24f Makefiles' clean targets to remove intermediate files (avail when building fails). 6 years ago
  Hernâni Marques 05c2e952ff Add pep I-D as basis (engine & adapters). 6 years ago
  Hernâni Marques ce6fbf6159 Bare structure of pep-email I-D 6 years ago