p≡p I-Ds (IETF Internet-Drafts)
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target: https://pep.foundation/dev/

title: Core source code and reference implementation of pEp (engine and adapters)

date: 2020-07

SRC.pepforandroid: target: https://pep-security.lu/gitlab/android/pep title: Source code for pEp for Android date: 2020-07 SRC.pepforios: target: https://pep-security.ch/dev/repos/pEp_for_iOS/ title: Source code for pEp for iOS date: 2020-07 SRC.pepforoutlook: target: https://pep-security.lu/dev/repos/pEp_for_Outlook/ title: Source code for pEp for Outlook date: 2020-07 SRC.enigmailpep: target: https://enigmail.net/index.php/en/download/source-code title: Source code for Enigmail/pEp date: 2020-07