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coding: utf-8 title: "pretty Easy privacy (pEp): Key Reset" abbrev: pretty Easy privacy (pEp) Key Reset docname: draft-marques-pep-keyreset-00 category: std stand_alone: yes pi: [toc, sortrefs, symrefs, comments] author: {::include ../shared/author_tags/hernani_marques.mkd} normative: # RFC3156: RFC4949: # RFC5322: RFC7435: # I-D.birk-pep: I-D.marques-pep-handshake: # I-D.marques-pep-rating: informative: # RFC4880: # RFC6973: # RFC5321: # RFC7258: # RFC7942: # RFC8280: # I-D.luck-lamps-pep-header-protection: # I-D.marques-pep-email: I-D.birk-pep-trustwords: # I-D.hoeneisen-pep-keysync: {::include ../shared/references/isoc-btn.mkd} {::include ../shared/references/implementation-status.mkd} --- abstract TBD --- middle # Introduction TODO ## Relationship to other pEp documents TODO {::include ../shared/text-blocks/key-words-rfc2119.mkd} {::include ../shared/text-blocks/terms-intro.mkd} {::include ../shared/text-blocks/handshake.mkd} {::include ../shared/text-blocks/trustwords.mkd} {::include ../shared/text-blocks/tofu.mkd} {::include ../shared/text-blocks/mitm.mkd} # Security Considerations TODO # Privacy Considerations TODO # IANA Considerations This document has no actions for IANA. {::include ../shared/text-blocks/implementation-status.mkd} # Acknowledgements Special thanks go to Krista Bennett and Volker Birk for the reference implementation on pEp and the ideas leading to this draft. This work was initially created by pEp Foundation, and will be reviewed and extended with funding by the Internet Society's Beyond the Net Programme on standardizing pEp. {{ISOC.bnet}} --- back # Document Changelog RFC Editor: This section is to be removed before publication * draft-marques-pep-keyreset-00: * Initial version # Open Issues [[ RFC Editor: This section should be empty and is to be removed before publication ]] * Check whether in IETF there is a concept of "technical messages", i.e. messages that are meant for the client, but not for the user.