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  juga 563eb8e91f chg: Update to new python adapter version 1 year ago
  juga e0e531b9b8 fix: CI: Clean more the docker image 1 year ago
  juga f9c5e7e389 fix: CI: Import key only if it is given 1 year ago
  juga 6186b6eda6 fix: CI: Install dependencies in one line 1 year ago
  juga 56592bc856 fix: CI: Leave dependencies that are needed 1 year ago
  juga abd6f58ef5 Add user only if it is not root 2 years ago
  juga 49d56a8611 Import the keys in docker image 2 years ago
  juga 293c24e9a0 Remove docker stages that are not needed as images 2 years ago
  juga 2dac42d99e Add postfix transport depending on variable 2 years ago
  juga c4e94f879a Remove unneded packages from docker images 2 years ago
  juga 1be24f14c1 Test mixnet running several docker containers 2 years ago
  juga a4165563df Expose port 25 and correct postfix command 2 years ago
  juga 2ac5d8c79d Initial import 2 years ago