58 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  juga 9a3dea8bb7 fix: Add or remove logs 1 year ago
  juga 557043c1d0 fix: cli: Exit when there is not recipient 1 year ago
  juga 1fe490c046 fix: client: Initialize cli vars 1 year ago
  juga 563eb8e91f chg: Update to new python adapter version 1 year ago
  juga 83ddf8e519 chg: common: Stop creating gnupg home by default 1 year ago
  juga 4f619c67c7 chg: client, remailer: Add cli argument 1 year ago
  juga 1acab7ae72 fix: remailer: Change log msg 1 year ago
  juga c72abc4f1c fix: client: Change log msg 1 year ago
  juga 5beae57be8 new: client: Add the delay to the client 1 year ago
  juga 4a45a98a6c new: remailer: Add the delay to the remailer 1 year ago
  juga 7405bc9fb7 new: Add dummy delay function to "mix" messages 1 year ago
  juga 7aadfa5da1 chg: Add a settings singleton object 1 year ago
  juga 2ce530d43c fix: remailer: Log cli exception on OSError 1 year ago
  juga 8076abcfc1 fix: common: Change log order 1 year ago
  juga 7508644c6e Avoid linter error with `_` var 2 years ago
  juga f82c221173 Cosmetic changes 2 years ago
  juga f37db55547 Log final recipient encryption 2 years ago
  juga c93fe6b7eb Replace carol node by three others 2 years ago
  juga a083e76155 More logging 2 years ago
  juga ce9c491ab0 Do not randomize route for now 2 years ago
  juga ed956acaea Add send arg to allow not sending in tests 2 years ago
  juga b3bc3c7660 Log Email from and to when sending it 2 years ago
  juga 80eb5c4bf8 parse_url needs the scheme separator 2 years ago
  juga 3f3c8035a1 Log fpr, comment on identity bugs 2 years ago
  juga 579b4256a4 Initialize logging after knowing home 2 years ago
  juga 429007cbb4 Remove arg default and set from Email 2 years ago
  juga 1df00b52af Rename cli arg apphome 2 years ago
  juga 3283d5abe6 Select combination of nodes instead of individually 2 years ago
  juga 931734c5a2 Return the msg after processing it 2 years ago
  juga 570ff1cd4b Return the msg after processing it 2 years ago
  juga c092d11e5f Register node with identity 2 years ago
  juga a18aa6a1c8 Refactor with create_incoming_msg 2 years ago
  juga c6c2cf2b9c Parse host, port in main and pass them to functions 2 years ago
  juga 9f11b2d23d Initialize var 2 years ago
  juga e70034db77 Set identity inside process and set default arg values 2 years ago
  juga 4fa5ce4918 Set identity inside process and set default arg values 2 years ago
  juga 724440d730 Add more text to arg help 2 years ago
  juga 6636d69850 Initialize var 2 years ago
  juga f9fbdcdf78 Rename domain to host, parse arg in main 2 years ago
  juga 7632795743 Add argument to set the SMTP server to use 2 years ago
  juga 660b371ad6 Replace argparse by configargparse 2 years ago
  juga 32e3f0c298 Convert Email string to message to parse it 2 years ago
  juga 65f8a7f387 Refactor set_identity, parse name_addr in it 2 years ago
  juga 262c9c166f Add function to register nodes 2 years ago
  juga bb700713ce Remove constants not used anymore 2 years ago
  juga 98f9b6af01 Return different identity example in get_nodes 2 years ago
  juga a4f3806a94 Make client cli similar to remailer 2 years ago
  juga b1a639457a Pass the message string and do not pass subject 2 years ago
  juga 8367d3cdb0 Add missing arg 2 years ago
  juga 7845849ed1 Rename args, change args order 2 years ago