15 Commits (9a3dea8bb728b877a7d04265d193eefed54bd949)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  juga 9a3dea8bb7 fix: Add or remove logs 1 year ago
  juga 563eb8e91f chg: Update to new python adapter version 1 year ago
  juga 83ddf8e519 chg: common: Stop creating gnupg home by default 1 year ago
  juga 7405bc9fb7 new: Add dummy delay function to "mix" messages 1 year ago
  juga 8076abcfc1 fix: common: Change log order 2 years ago
  juga b3bc3c7660 Log Email from and to when sending it 2 years ago
  juga 80eb5c4bf8 parse_url needs the scheme separator 2 years ago
  juga 3f3c8035a1 Log fpr, comment on identity bugs 2 years ago
  juga 579b4256a4 Initialize logging after knowing home 2 years ago
  juga f9fbdcdf78 Rename domain to host, parse arg in main 2 years ago
  juga 7632795743 Add argument to set the SMTP server to use 2 years ago
  juga 65f8a7f387 Refactor set_identity, parse name_addr in it 2 years ago
  juga 8e8985fd4c Refactor set_env, move gnpug home to function 2 years ago
  juga 720d807474 Convert str to python email in common module 2 years ago
  juga 76eb7eb433 Move out from remailer modules common to client 2 years ago
  juga 9b64778629 Move remailer inside mixnet package 2 years ago
  juga a7971a9190 Reformat files and replace tests 2 years ago
  juga f58d26d8e7 Beautify code 2 years ago
  juga 79180c9757 Test encrypt twice and decrypt twice 2 years ago
  juga 2ac5d8c79d Initial import 2 years ago