29 Commits (f594515b94ce3e16e947a5256f528611635c37fc)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  juga f594515b94 Rename the module test as the module 1 year ago
  juga 9abac4e768 Sometimes identity hash length is 52, others 58 1 year ago
  juga 6b8378acbe Modify docker image and test it 1 year ago
  juga 73005028c8 Add test showing it is impossible to add CERT entry 1 year ago
  juga f5212cf7fc Add module docstrings 1 year ago
  juga ff81c997a4 Add test to list all namestore entries 1 year ago
  juga 0620198cc4 Fix logic of methods and tests fetching identities 1 year ago
  juga 86d894feb3 Add test to fetch identity keyhash 1 year ago
  juga a3275f274b Fix or complete tests 1 year ago
  juga 206e7eba0c Pass request data dict as json arg, not data arg 1 year ago
  juga 561d0c54e7 Replace method name to be more meanful 1 year ago
  juga 4cea94f1fa Test pygnunetrest using docker and gitlab CI 1 year ago
  juga b77874ce27 Replace dockerfile to build gnunetrest, not gnunet 1 year ago
  juga bfd79583e7 Build the docker image only when there're changes 1 year ago
  juga 9c13e50ec4 Build the docker image using the cache 1 year ago
  juga 14f40531aa Replace conn var by constant 1 year ago
  juga a22497bd21 Remove unused import 1 year ago
  juga 52fff7dacc Update docstrings accordingly 1 year ago
  juga 969b3ac8d3 Replace var name by more descriptive name 1 year ago
  juga 1c17cb00c4 Replace fetch_identity function names 1 year ago
  juga 531b242ebd Replace args names to make them clearer 1 year ago
  juga d9831d15af Add setup files to be able to install the package 1 year ago
  juga 34e4bb6e71 Replace example by failing tests 1 year ago
  juga 0ca33a1dec Store URL paths in the class 1 year ago
  juga 48204d83be Rename module 1 year ago
  juga 000a2de569 Pythonize method names 1 year ago
  juga 852138b8b6 Rename gnunetconnector to gnunetrest 1 year ago
  juga e8c15e55de Reformat code with black 1 year ago
  nkls ddfe1329ee Convert nkls' gnunet-docker repo to pygnunetrest 1 year ago