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heck 2d7ec43fbc Test: Add test_pEpTest_basic 2 years ago
heck 17585d1ee6 Test: Add pEpTest to the build 2 years ago
heck af276f6f70 Test: pEpTest fix execution model 2 years ago
heck 6dcdab26d8 Tests - fix naming of 2 years ago
heck f62aae7658 pEpLog - fix pEpLogClassRaw 2 years ago
heck aac0603b60 Tests: add first draft of pEpTest
pEpTest is the new testing framework featuring:
- Distributed Testing
- TestUnit Tree
   * TestUnit config is inherited
   * Hierarchy represents prerequisites
- Execution model supporting
   * Functions
   * Process serial and parallel
   * Threads serial and parallel
- Lambdas (of course)
- DataModel
   * Roles (1 ident)
   * Identities
   * Nodes
   * Nodes and Roles have n-n relationship
- Perspective: Test are written from a 1st person perspective, which can assume any of the ROLES.
- Transport: send messages to ROLES, on any node.
2 years ago
heck 9426b6dcfa pEpLog - typos and comments 2 years ago
heck bb2a582e40 .gitignore 2 years ago
heck efa54bd050 Tests: Start new Test framework for distributed testing. (Multi-User / Multi-Device) 2 years ago
heck c3aeb1e0ff Tests: add framework/ - sleep_millis(); 2 years ago
heck a015331c53 Split and add 2 years ago
heck 2a5cdd4383 rename (there will be a group_member_api.h)
* group_join()
* group_query_membership()
* etc...
2 years ago
heck 9105e95cb9 Test: update - WIP 2 years ago
heck 2e7e1bfddf Refactor out into a dedicated replication driver (Implementing the GroupManagerInterface)
This is just the C interface.
2 years ago
heck 9ab5d92340 adapter_group.h - group_join() is part of the group member API 2 years ago
heck 59110d5842 grp driver engine - restructure 2 years ago
heck c21d0d862a grp driver dummy - restructure 2 years ago
heck fb2ce3f063 Create GroupManagerInterface
and move GroupQueryInterface and GroupUpdateInterface into same headerfile
2 years ago
heck 062a836b49 - bugfixes 2 years ago
heck 816299586b - impl 2 years ago
heck 651fc5b181 - impl 2 years ago
heck 8ac42950d5 - add to_cxx() for idenitylist, is_c_str_empty() 2 years ago
heck 2702f621f5 Tests: update because of Utils moved 2 years ago
heck 4ab61fccdb listmanager_dummy - Separate DoesNotExistException into ListDoesNotExistException and MemberDoesNotExistException 2 years ago
heck 0d72ea5367 Add pEp::Utils - collection of helper functions and stuff...
Separated out from pEp::Test::Utils
2 years ago
heck 5225a3950a grp interface: group_join() is not part of the MANAGER-API.
Does not exist in listmanagers
 For LIB-16 - "Store groups a user is part of and provide a method to query them"
 We need to create a separate DB _if_ we dont store it in the engine.
2 years ago
heck b832f80832 Tests: listmanager_dummy - member_add() and member_remove()
Test throws DoesNotExistException if list does not exist
2 years ago
heck c3f62ccb90 Fix: listmanager_dummy - member_add() and member_remove() Throw DoesNotExistException if list does not exist 2 years ago
heck cd1c137e30 Test: test_adapter - use TESTLOG() instead od pEpLog() for tests 2 years ago
heck be1255f263 Test: test_adapter - use TESTLOG() instead od pEpLog() for tests 2 years ago
heck c0bc63dc8f Test: test_ensure_passphrase - remove of unused includes 2 years ago
heck 40132db3e2 Test: test_group - use pEpLog::log() instead of cout 2 years ago
heck 5ec8455792 Test: test_listmanager_dummy - move the ASSERT_EXCEPT macro to utils 2 years ago
heck b5bd084580 Test: test_pEpSQLite - Switch from pEpLog() to using TESTLOG()
Also, use the ASSERT_EXCEPT macro from Test::Utils
2 years ago
heck cf7c5feea1 Test: Framework improve logging
depend on pEpLog, but add logging macros that are for testing and are not controlled by pEpLog::set_enabled(), so you can disable library logging.
2 years ago
heck 629d17f809 correct the typo in "m4gic_logger_n4me" 2 years ago
heck b42b971966 pEpLog - Add functions and Macros for logH1() logH2()
Also, only the macros are now controlled by set_enabled().
The normal functions arent.
2 years ago
heck 3444377bc2 Tests: test_listmanager_dummy - use log() 2 years ago
heck 42855fdeee Test: Utils - add const, add log() and lograw() 2 years ago
heck ae0eee6f97 grp enc interface - add noexcept, just more as a comment 2 years ago
heck a2c5c99046 grp enc interface - ommit pEp_group in adapter_group_create() 2 years ago
heck 9ea23feeb2 LIB-11: ListManagerInterface is misconception 2 years ago
heck 02d7ec1387 LIB-11: - add some impl 2 years ago
heck abea6b17f9 LIB-11: Add GroupQuery Dummy Driver 2 years ago
heck 2d32c442ff LIB-11: Add GroupUpdate Dummy Driver 2 years ago
heck fc7f8b5af3 LIB-11: Add GroupUpdate Engine Driver 2 years ago
heck 711a896095 LIB-11: Add GroupQueryInterface 2 years ago
heck a8916c9ac1 LIB-11: Add GroupUpdateInterface 2 years ago
heck 14cb72dca9 adapter_group.h - group_rating() is not part of this interface 2 years ago
heck e19e3a42a4 Merge branch 'LIB-12' into LIB-11 - "Add List Manager Backend: Dummy (SQLite3)" 2 years ago