35 Commits (df0053cbfcc2c3a3c067abc56998b79d77c5134c)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Edouard Tisserant df0053cbfc Added 'get' key by fingerprint, 'delelet' key by id an by fingerprint 7 years ago
  Edouard Tisserant 21d96a82f2 netpgp_save_pubring (ok), netpgp_save_secring (broken), raw initial key packet for generated keys 7 years ago
  Edouard Tisserant 8423fdb58e pgp_encrypt_buf now accepts multiple recipients and raw openPGP message as input 7 years ago
  agc dd4a12beb2 Take the internal functions and definitions back out of the implementation 12 years ago
  agc 092558b73e + rationalise birthtime/expiration timestamps into a single function 12 years ago
  agc 3fd6a5e669 Changes to 3.99.9/20100809 12 years ago
  agc 1864f798c3 Catch up the JSON routines being in their own library. Use the JSON routines 12 years ago
  agc c71c8b57d0 add a minimalist JSON implementation, and add a new function to access the 12 years ago
  agc 0df29ead02 Changes to 3.99.5 12 years ago
  agc 28d00f22f7 Simplify and shorten the internals of packet processing by getting rid of 12 years ago
  agc 0955fba2b1 use hexdump() where possible. 12 years ago
  agc 8febd51d77 Changes to 2.99.2/20100315 13 years ago
  agc 49649e0308 Changes to 2.99.1/20100313 13 years ago
  agc 10948556ff Update netpgp to version 1.99.20/20100304 - portability improvements, and bug fixes: 13 years ago
  agc b128368c01 Changes to 1.99.19/20100212 13 years ago
  agc bb4b44c2e5 Changes to 1.99.16/20100205 13 years ago
  agc 54feff20c5 + When using ssh keys, use the first key as the default userid, unless 13 years ago
  agc 6f54ec3d62 Add the ability to use ssh host keys (on the fly) to provide RSA keys. 13 years ago
  agc 8a44c3b2b7 Commit some changes that have been in a private tree for a while: 13 years ago
  agc 14484283f9 + only prompt for the passphrase for the secret key if the secret key is 13 years ago
  agc d86dea4623 Add a separate res output stream for results, and print results to it. 13 years ago
  agc bee075961e CHANGES 1.99.9 -> 1.99.10 13 years ago
  agc 04d6ce7f5d CHANGES 1.99.8 -> 1.99.9 13 years ago
  agc a34d0edff0 CHANGES 1.99.7 -> 1.99.8 13 years ago
  agc c93b8ec18d CHANGES 1.99.4 -> 1.99.5 13 years ago
  agc b573ac2966 CHANGES 1.99.3 -> 1.99.4 13 years ago
  agc 6fe590080e CHANGES 1.99.1 -> 1.99.2 13 years ago
  agc ef036f4136 CHANGES 1.0.0 -> 1.99.1 13 years ago
  agc fcb31c5515 + some more name changes 13 years ago
  agc 75c1ea5ed6 + don't use arrays of length 1 to hold single instances of characters, 13 years ago
  agc 6a1894a94d + got rid of "local" header files. These aren't necessary since the openpgpsdk 13 years ago
  agc 9915fd37ab Commit the weekend's changes: 13 years ago
  agc d5f5da1b3d Change some names to something a bit less obscure. 13 years ago
  agc d61dabda56 + __ops_packet_t -> __ops_subpacket_t 13 years ago
  agc 98dd739b56 Initial revision 13 years ago