101 Commits (ec722182536627a0c23a386fce610fb403f1d0a3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Edouard Tisserant ec72218253 Keeping a backup of previous ring file is now an option 7 years ago
  Edouard Tisserant 5ed7a0d585 Fixed nasty leftover statement in netpgp_save_ring. Added accumulated memory free in case of stacked accumulating readers. 7 years ago
  Edouard Tisserant 21d96a82f2 netpgp_save_pubring (ok), netpgp_save_secring (broken), raw initial key packet for generated keys 7 years ago
  Edouard Tisserant 711fd28093 netpgp_save_pubkeys 7 years ago
  Edouard Tisserant 8423fdb58e pgp_encrypt_buf now accepts multiple recipients and raw openPGP message as input 7 years ago
  agc 7771377d27 Add the --trusted-keys argument to netpgpkeys(1) to print out PGP ids in a 11 years ago
  agc 54200d6a05 re-order the fields that we print out in the pgp_sprint_pubkey() function 11 years ago
  agc 9770c66c2f plug some memory leaks in error paths 11 years ago
  agc ba16bc2a95 when matching pubkeys, also return the first (pgp) uid for the key in the 11 years ago
  agc 98562c1821 get some things off the TODO list 11 years ago
  agc 09a914c1a7 only attempt to load the secret key if we need to (for signing or for 11 years ago
  agc a1260e8b17 change mj library to take an additional argument for a string type, 11 years ago
  agc 58fceec3b4 avoid a double free - from Anthony Bentley. 12 years ago
  agc 202d0f77f0 clean up lint (on amd64) 12 years ago
  agc a6aa9b2544 avoid nameclash - call the generated user id variable "generated userid" 12 years ago
  agc 4db9d83b6f When generating a key, set the new key's userid (last 16 bytes of 12 years ago
  agc a489b6f806 Fix PR 44075 from Peter Pentchev, but do this by adding a 12 years ago
  agc b8df886b0c Use a regular expression to match the various ASCII-armoured headers we 12 years ago
  agc 03ac02d1d8 Changes to help with netpgp key generation and interoperability: 12 years ago
  agc 281d53de1c Rename internal ops-ssh.h header file to ssh2pgp.h to better reflect its 12 years ago
  agc ef68355cf0 Take the internal functions and definitions back out of the implementation 12 years ago
  agc 76d9ed7fbf allow user-specification of cipher to be used when encrypting packets. 12 years ago
  agc 99cd9d8ccb Update to version 3.99.13: 12 years ago
  stacktic 4530cff32a PR/42435 : Check pointers against NULL to avoid dereferencing them 12 years ago
  agc b6469ce148 2 minor changes: 12 years ago
  agc 4d9d62bdfb Allow the user specification of the secret key file as the 12 years ago
  agc e8c0d8c1da Changes to 3.99.12/20100907 12 years ago
  agc cde0dd6482 Add a utility function, netpgp_write_sshkey(3), which will take a PGP public 12 years ago
  agc 95bd37aded If we get passed a key which has no subuids, sigs, fingerprint or any 12 years ago
  agc 01cbdb859b move the functions to parse the JSON from netpgpkeys(1) into libnetpgp(3) 12 years ago
  agc 5ca4b96794 Various minor changes to netpgp: 12 years ago
  agc ed36ae60ca Denote the signing key with the word "signature" (the encryption key 12 years ago
  agc 5744c1f209 fix some more amd64 lint 12 years ago
  agc 092558b73e + rationalise birthtime/expiration timestamps into a single function 12 years ago
  agc 3fd6a5e669 Changes to 3.99.9/20100809 12 years ago
  agc 1864f798c3 Catch up the JSON routines being in their own library. Use the JSON routines 12 years ago
  agc eb52b83679 minor clean up after ourselves - free a compiled regexp 12 years ago
  agc ffae17e069 Changes to 3.99.7/20100701 12 years ago
  agc 422352d7d2 if using ssh keys with any of the netpgp programs, set the home 12 years ago
  agc 5418654ed2 Use the correct default ssh user key file (just a typo). 12 years ago
  agc 4931b81e66 factor out the code which recognises ASCII-armour into its own function. 12 years ago
  agc 6c41af26a5 factor out code to append a key to the pubring file. 12 years ago
  agc 0df29ead02 Changes to 3.99.5 12 years ago
  agc 77d9c69f8e Check for a null keyring before listing keys - with thanks to Jeff Rizzo 12 years ago
  agc ca93f58946 make sure we have created a directory when generating a new key. 12 years ago
  agc 28d00f22f7 Simplify and shorten the internals of packet processing by getting rid of 12 years ago
  agc ad7ee93e6f Protect against NULL pointers in key output in a different way - only 12 years ago
  agc e37ef4ab92 avoid a duplicated error message 12 years ago
  agc 2443d43087 extend the resolve_userid() function to take a keyring, and use it for 12 years ago
  agc 12c50ebf6f add a static function to resolve the userid in one place, and start to use it 12 years ago