18 Commits (19481b6db84024a6ccb0b4e4e4cc2f8abf60a23d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Harald Freudenberger 19481b6db8 Rework digest copy function 5 years ago
  Eduardo Barretto 4eca2ca876 Fix race condition in digest computation 6 years ago
  Eduardo Barretto 8c8c05f9df Add missing flag to each sha digest structure 6 years ago
  Eduardo Barretto 035bb689b0 Fix: Add missing digests to get_mech and pkcs11_engine_digests 6 years ago
  Kent Yoder 6dd01d17d7 Update version to 1.0.0 11 years ago
  Kent Yoder d22755adc4 Fix for SF #1315347, PKCS#11 engine leaks sessions. This patch stores a 11 years ago
  Kent Yoder f24265e64b Fix for LTC 63047 - make openssl.cnf default_algorithms statement easier 11 years ago
  Kent Yoder e683fba7f0 Updated package version and copyright 11 years ago
  Kent Yoder daa3fc26b4 Added support for SLOT_ID engine config command. The engine will init as 11 years ago
  Kent Yoder bb78e43fb2 Corrected block and IV sizes in AES EVP_CIPHER structs 11 years ago
  Kent Yoder 4c51173b64 Remove redundant fflush call 11 years ago
  Kent Yoder 595771974c Remove commented out and unused code 11 years ago
  Kent Yoder af309ea60a Add missing C_Finalize calls 11 years ago
  Kent Yoder 6bca19e87b Remove dead code for unimplemented USER_PIN command 11 years ago
  Kent Yoder 1474079d17 Use libopencryptoki.so instead of the legacy library location 11 years ago
  Kent Yoder 3cb46a6ed5 removed ltmain.sh from repo 11 years ago
  Kent Yoder 3dc8016188 Added .gitignore to the repo 11 years ago
  Klaus Heinrich Kiwi a4894db787 IBM dynamic PKCS#11 engine for OpenSSL - initial drop 12 years ago