Engine for the ICSF backend
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#ifndef _HW_PKCS11_H_
#define _HW_PKCS11_H_
/* Number of NID's that exist in OpenSSL 1.0.0a */
#define NUM_NID 893
struct _token {
struct _token *token_next; /* next token in list of all tokens */
CK_SLOT_ID slot_id; /* slot ID of this token */
int pkcs11_implemented_ciphers[NUM_NID];
int pkcs11_implemented_digests[NUM_NID];
struct _token *pkcs11_token_list = NULL;
struct _token *pkcs11_token = NULL;
enum alg_type { alg_rsa=1, alg_des, alg_tdes, alg_sha, alg_dh, alg_aes,
alg_ripemd, alg_ssl3, alg_md5, alg_rand,
alg_sha224,alg_sha256,alg_sha384,alg_sha512 };