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* Fri Jul 9 2010 -
o converted patch to stand-alone packaging.
o added #ifdef OPENCRYPTOKI around the #pragma(pack) instructions in
cryptoki.h. openCryptoki doesn't pack its structures, so this was causing an
alignment issue.
o added #ifdef's based on openssl version in order to support the 2 different
prototypes for RSA_verify between openssl 0.9.8 and 1.0.0.
o Fixed an issue with passing a reference to an unsigned int through the
pkcs11 library interface. This broke RSA_sign on 64bit platforms.
o changed SSL_SIG_LENGTH from 64 to 36. 36 is the size of the concatenation of
an MD5 hash and a SHA1 hash, which is the length of the NID_md5_sha1 data to
be signed or verified. See e_pkcs11.c lines 2226 and 2093.
o in pkcs11_FindOrCreateKey, check that rsa->n exists before creating a pkcs11
object based on the RSA struct.
o in pkcs11_init_key, fix a condition where the iv is passed in through the
CIPHER_CTX pointer instead of the API itself, which led to a segfault.
o Fixed reference counting issue, probably compiler-induced
o drafted an rpm specfile