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Fingerprints for Signing Releases
OpenSSL releases are signed with PGP/GnuPG keys. This file contains
the fingerprints of team members who are "authorized" to sign the
next release.
The signature is a detached cleartxt signature, with the same name
as the release but with ".asc" appended. For example, release
1.0.1h can be found in openssl-1.0.1h.tar.gz with the signature
in the file named openssl-1.0.1h.tar.gz.asc.
The following is the list of fingerprints for the keys that are
currently in use to sign OpenSSL distributions:
pub 4096R/7DF9EE8C 2014-10-04
Key fingerprint = 7953 AC1F BC3D C8B3 B292 393E D5E9 E43F 7DF9 EE8C
uid Richard Levitte <>
uid Richard Levitte <>
uid Richard Levitte <>
pub 2048R/0E604491 2013-04-30
Key fingerprint = 8657 ABB2 60F0 56B1 E519 0839 D9C4 D26D 0E60 4491
uid Matt Caswell <>
uid Matt Caswell <>