Fix potential double-free

The `sk` variable is assigned to `s->session->peer_chain`.
If `ssl3_digest_cached_records()` were to fail, then `sk` would still be
non-NULL, and subsequently freed on the error return. When the session
is freed, it will then attempt to free `s->session->peer_chain`,
resulting in a double-free (of `sk`).

Reviewed-by: Matt Caswell <>
Reviewed-by: Tomas Mraz <>
(Merged from
Todd Short 2 years ago committed by Tomas Mraz
parent 0ec738433e
commit 0449702abc

@ -3556,6 +3556,7 @@ MSG_PROCESS_RETURN tls_process_client_certificate(SSL *s, PACKET *pkt)
sk_X509_pop_free(s->session->peer_chain, X509_free);
s->session->peer_chain = sk;
sk = NULL;
* Freeze the handshake buffer. For <TLS1.3 we do this after the CKE
@ -3570,7 +3571,6 @@ MSG_PROCESS_RETURN tls_process_client_certificate(SSL *s, PACKET *pkt)
* Inconsistency alert: cert_chain does *not* include the peer's own
* certificate, while we do include it in statem_clnt.c
sk = NULL;
/* Save the current hash state for when we receive the CertificateVerify */
if (SSL_IS_TLS13(s)) {