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To install OpenSSL, you will need:
* make
* Perl 5
* Perl 5 with core modules (see 'Note on Perl' further down)
* an ANSI C compiler
* a development environment in form of development libraries and C
header files
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with names of the form <foo.h>.
Note on Perl
For our scripts, we rely quite a bit on Perl, and increasingly on
some core Perl modules. These Perl modules are part of the Perl
source, so if you build Perl on your own, you should be set.
However, if you install Perl as binary packages, the outcome might
differ, and you may have to check that you do get the core modules
installed properly. We do not claim to know them all, but experience
has told us the following:
- on Linux distributions based on Debian, the package 'perl' will
install the core Perl modules as well, so you will be fine.
- on Linux distributions based on RPMs, you will need to install
'perl-core' rather than just 'perl'.
It is highly recommended that you have at least Perl version 5.12
Note on multi-threading

@ -25,6 +25,8 @@ Requirements:
To build and install OpenSSL, you will need:
* Perl 5 with core modules. If you don't want to build it yourself,
we suggest you look here:
* DEC C or some other ANSI C compiler. VAX C is *not* supported.
[Note: OpenSSL has only been tested with DEC C. Compiling with
a different ANSI C compiler may require some work]