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aes/asm/ avoid 32-bit lane assignment in CTR mode

ARM Cortex-A57 and Cortex-A72 cores running in 32-bit mode are affected
by silicon errata #1742098 [0] and #1655431 [1], respectively, where the
second instruction of a AES instruction pair may execute twice if an
interrupt is taken right after the first instruction consumes an input
register of which a single 32-bit lane has been updated the last time it
was modified.

This is not such a rare occurrence as it may seem: in counter mode, only
the least significant 32-bit word is incremented in the absence of a
carry, which makes our counter mode implementation susceptible to these

So let's shuffle the counter assignments around a bit so that the most
recent updates when the AES instruction pair executes are 128-bit wide.

[0] ARM-EPM-049219 v23 Cortex-A57 MPCore Software Developers Errata Notice
[1] ARM-EPM-012079 v11.0 Cortex-A72 MPCore Software Developers Errata Notice

Signed-off-by: Ard Biesheuvel <>

Reviewed-by: Paul Dale <>
Reviewed-by: Tomas Mraz <>
(Merged from
Ard Biesheuvel 2 years ago
committed by Tomas Mraz
1 changed files with 14 additions and 14 deletions
  1. +14

+ 14
- 14
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@ -1797,17 +1797,17 @@ $code.=<<___;
#ifndef __ARMEB__
rev $ctr, $ctr
vorr $dat1,$dat0,$dat0
add $tctr1, $ctr, #1
vorr $dat2,$dat0,$dat0
add $ctr, $ctr, #2
vorr $ivec,$dat0,$dat0
rev $tctr1, $tctr1
vmov.32 ${dat1}[3],$tctr1
vmov.32 ${ivec}[3],$tctr1
add $ctr, $ctr, #2
vorr $dat1,$ivec,$ivec .Lctr32_tail
rev $tctr2, $ctr
vmov.32 ${ivec}[3],$tctr2
sub $len,$len,#3 // bias
vmov.32 ${dat2}[3],$tctr2
vorr $dat2,$ivec,$ivec
$code.=<<___ if ($flavour =~ /64/);
cmp $len,#2
@ -2003,11 +2003,11 @@ $code.=<<___;
aese $dat1,q8
aesmc $tmp1,$dat1
vld1.8 {$in0},[$inp],#16
vorr $dat0,$ivec,$ivec
add $tctr0,$ctr,#1
aese $dat2,q8
aesmc $dat2,$dat2
vld1.8 {$in1},[$inp],#16
vorr $dat1,$ivec,$ivec
rev $tctr0,$tctr0
aese $tmp0,q9
aesmc $tmp0,$tmp0
aese $tmp1,q9
@ -2016,8 +2016,6 @@ $code.=<<___;
mov $key_,$key
aese $dat2,q9
aesmc $tmp2,$dat2
vorr $dat2,$ivec,$ivec
add $tctr0,$ctr,#1
aese $tmp0,q12
aesmc $tmp0,$tmp0
aese $tmp1,q12
@ -2033,20 +2031,22 @@ $code.=<<___;
aese $tmp1,q13
aesmc $tmp1,$tmp1
veor $in2,$in2,$rndlast
rev $tctr0,$tctr0
vmov.32 ${ivec}[3], $tctr0
aese $tmp2,q13
aesmc $tmp2,$tmp2
vmov.32 ${dat0}[3], $tctr0
vorr $dat0,$ivec,$ivec
rev $tctr1,$tctr1
aese $tmp0,q14
aesmc $tmp0,$tmp0
vmov.32 ${ivec}[3], $tctr1
rev $tctr2,$ctr
aese $tmp1,q14
aesmc $tmp1,$tmp1
vmov.32 ${dat1}[3], $tctr1
rev $tctr2,$ctr
vorr $dat1,$ivec,$ivec
vmov.32 ${ivec}[3], $tctr2
aese $tmp2,q14
aesmc $tmp2,$tmp2
vmov.32 ${dat2}[3], $tctr2
vorr $dat2,$ivec,$ivec
subs $len,$len,#3
aese $tmp0,q15
aese $tmp1,q15