Mention "no-dso doesn't remove -ldl" in PROBLEMS.

PR: 1160
Andy Polyakov 18 years ago
parent 2608383c5e
commit 3001a770ed

@ -188,3 +188,10 @@ As subject suggests the failure is caused by a bug in elder binutils,
either as or ld, and was observed on FreeBSD and Linux. There are two
options. First is naturally to upgrade binutils, the second one - to
reconfigure with additional no-sse2 [or 386] option passed to ./config.
* If configured with ./config no-dso, toolkit still gets linked with -ldl,
which most notably poses a problem when linking with dietlibc.
We don't have framework to associate -ldl with no-dso, therefore the only
way is to edit Makefile right after ./config no-dso and remove -ldl from
EX_LIBS line.