Add missing help text for some options

Fixes: #9952

Reviewed-by: Richard Levitte <>
Reviewed-by: Dmitry Belyavskiy <>
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Rich Salz 4 years ago committed by Dmitry Belyavskiy
parent 74997e7eed
commit 38546024bb

@ -104,20 +104,29 @@ const OPTIONS cms_options[] = {
{"resign", OPT_RESIGN, '-', "Resign a signed message"},
{"cades", OPT_CADES, '-', "Include signer certificate digest"},
{"verify", OPT_VERIFY, '-', "Verify signed message"},
{"verify_retcode", OPT_VERIFY_RETCODE, '-'},
{"verify_receipt", OPT_VERIFY_RECEIPT, '<'},
{"verify_retcode", OPT_VERIFY_RETCODE, '-',
"Exit non-zero on verification failure"},
{"verify_receipt", OPT_VERIFY_RECEIPT, '<',
"Verify receipts; exit if receipt signatures do not verify"},
{"cmsout", OPT_CMSOUT, '-', "Output CMS structure"},
{"data_out", OPT_DATA_OUT, '-'},
{"data_create", OPT_DATA_CREATE, '-'},
{"digest_verify", OPT_DIGEST_VERIFY, '-'},
{"digest_create", OPT_DIGEST_CREATE, '-'},
{"compress", OPT_COMPRESS, '-'},
{"uncompress", OPT_UNCOMPRESS, '-'},
{"EncryptedData_decrypt", OPT_ED_DECRYPT, '-'},
{"EncryptedData_encrypt", OPT_ED_ENCRYPT, '-'},
{"debug_decrypt", OPT_DEBUG_DECRYPT, '-'},
{"data_out", OPT_DATA_OUT, '-', "Copy CMS \"Data\" object to output"},
{"data_create", OPT_DATA_CREATE, '-', "Create a CMS \"Data\" object"},
{"digest_verify", OPT_DIGEST_VERIFY, '-',
"Verify a CMS \"DigestedData\" object and output it"},
{"digest_create", OPT_DIGEST_CREATE, '-',
"Create a CMS \"DigestedData\" object"},
{"compress", OPT_COMPRESS, '-', "Create a CMS \"CompressedData\" object"},
{"uncompress", OPT_UNCOMPRESS, '-', "Uncompress a CMS \"CompressedData\" object"},
{"EncryptedData_decrypt", OPT_ED_DECRYPT, '-',
"Decrypt CMS \"EncryptedData\" object using symmetric key"},
{"EncryptedData_encrypt", OPT_ED_ENCRYPT, '-',
"Create CMS \"EncryptedData\" object using symmetric key"},
{"debug_decrypt", OPT_DEBUG_DECRYPT, '-',
"Disable MMA protection and return an error if no recipient found"
" (see documentation)"},
{"text", OPT_TEXT, '-', "Include or delete text MIME headers"},
{"asciicrlf", OPT_ASCIICRLF, '-'},
{"asciicrlf", OPT_ASCIICRLF, '-',
"Perform CRLF canonicalisation when signing"},
{"nointern", OPT_NOINTERN, '-',
"Don't search certificates in message for signer"},
{"noverify", OPT_NOVERIFY, '-', "Don't verify signers certificate"},
@ -129,16 +138,20 @@ const OPTIONS cms_options[] = {
{"binary", OPT_BINARY, '-', "Don't translate message to text"},
{"keyid", OPT_KEYID, '-', "Use subject key identifier"},
{"nosigs", OPT_NOSIGS, '-', "Don't verify message signature"},
{"no_content_verify", OPT_NO_CONTENT_VERIFY, '-'},
{"no_attr_verify", OPT_NO_ATTR_VERIFY, '-'},
{"no_content_verify", OPT_NO_CONTENT_VERIFY, '-',
"Do not verify signed content signatures"},
{"no_attr_verify", OPT_NO_ATTR_VERIFY, '-',
"Do not verify signed attribute signatures"},
{"stream", OPT_INDEF, '-', "Enable CMS streaming"},
{"indef", OPT_INDEF, '-', "Same as -stream"},
{"noindef", OPT_NOINDEF, '-', "Disable CMS streaming"},
{"crlfeol", OPT_CRLFEOL, '-', "Use CRLF as EOL termination instead of CR only" },
{"noout", OPT_NOOUT, '-', "For the -cmsout operation do not output the parsed CMS structure"},
{"receipt_request_print", OPT_RR_PRINT, '-', "Print CMS Receipt Request" },
{"receipt_request_all", OPT_RR_ALL, '-'},
{"receipt_request_first", OPT_RR_FIRST, '-'},
{"receipt_request_all", OPT_RR_ALL, '-',
"When signing, create a receipt request for all recipients"},
{"receipt_request_first", OPT_RR_FIRST, '-',
"When signing, create a receipt request for first recipient"},
{"rctform", OPT_RCTFORM, 'F', "Receipt file format"},
{"certfile", OPT_CERTFILE, '<', "Other certificates file"},
{"CAfile", OPT_CAFILE, '<', "Trusted certificates file"},
@ -151,10 +164,13 @@ const OPTIONS cms_options[] = {
"Supply or override content for detached signature"},
{"print", OPT_PRINT, '-',
"For the -cmsout operation print out all fields of the CMS structure"},
{"secretkey", OPT_SECRETKEY, 's'},
{"secretkeyid", OPT_SECRETKEYID, 's'},
{"pwri_password", OPT_PWRI_PASSWORD, 's'},
{"econtent_type", OPT_ECONTENT_TYPE, 's'},
{"secretkey", OPT_SECRETKEY, 's',
"Use specified hex-encoded key to decrypt/encrypt recipients or content"},
{"secretkeyid", OPT_SECRETKEYID, 's',
"Identity of the -secretkey for CMS \"KEKRecipientInfo\" object"},
{"pwri_password", OPT_PWRI_PASSWORD, 's',
"Specific password for recipient"},
{"econtent_type", OPT_ECONTENT_TYPE, 's', "OID for external content"},
{"passin", OPT_PASSIN, 's', "Input file pass phrase source"},
{"to", OPT_TO, 's', "To address"},
{"from", OPT_FROM, 's', "From address"},
@ -167,8 +183,10 @@ const OPTIONS cms_options[] = {
"Input private key (if not signer or recipient)"},
{"keyform", OPT_KEYFORM, 'f', "Input private key format (PEM or ENGINE)"},
{"keyopt", OPT_KEYOPT, 's', "Set public key parameters as n:v pairs"},
{"receipt_request_from", OPT_RR_FROM, 's'},
{"receipt_request_to", OPT_RR_TO, 's'},
{"receipt_request_from", OPT_RR_FROM, 's',
"Create signed receipt request with specified email address"},
{"receipt_request_to", OPT_RR_TO, 's',
"Create signed receipt targeted to specified address"},
{"", OPT_CIPHER, '-', "Any supported cipher"},