CHANGES: document the FIPS provider configuration and installation

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### Changes between 1.1.1 and 3.0 [xx XXX xxxx]
* OpenSSL includes a cryptographic module that is intended to be FIPS 140-2
validated. The module is implemented as an OpenSSL provider, the so-called
FIPS provider. A list of all changes related to the FIPS provider would go
beyond the scope of this CHANGES file, please consult the README-FIPS and
README-PROVIDERS files, as well as the migration guide.
The FIPS provider is disabled by default and needs to be enabled explicitly
at configuration time using the `enable-fips` option. If it is enabled,
the FIPS provider gets built and installed in addition to the default and
the legacy provider. No separate installation procedure is necessary.
There is however a dedicated `install_fips` make target, which serves the
special purpose of installing only the FIPS provider into an existing
OpenSSL installation.
*OpenSSL team members and many third party contributors*
* For the key types DH and DHX the allowed settable parameters are now different.
Previously (in 1.1.1) these conflicting parameters were allowed, but will now
result in errors. See EVP_PKEY-DH(7) for further details. This affects the