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Notes on Perl on Windows
If you will build on Cygwin (and possibly some other POSIX layers),
Perl is already part of your distribution. Simply use the Cygwin
package manager to make sure Perl gets installed.
Otherwise, you will need to install Perl separately. The Perl
package that we know of is ActiveState Perl, available from
There are a number of build targets that can be viewed as "Windows".
Indeed, there are VC-* configs targeting VisualStudio C, as well as
MinGW and Cygwin. The key recommendation is to use "matching" Perl,
one that matches build environment. For example, if you will build
on Cygwin be sure to use the Cygwin package manager to install Perl.
For VC-* builds we recommend ActiveState Perl, available from
Notes on Perl on VMS