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exchange. The LOW ciphers currently doesn't have any ciphers in it.
[Kurt Roeckx]
*) Make EVP_MD_CTX, EVP_MD and HMAC_CTX opaque. For HMAC_CTX, the
following constructors and destructors were added:
HMAC_CTX *HMAC_CTX_new(void);
void HMAC_CTX_free(HMAC_CTX *ctx);
For EVP_MD, a complete API to create, fill and destroy such
methods has been added. See EVP_MD_meth_new(3) for
Additional changes:
1) HMAC_CTX_cleanup() and EVP_MD_CTX_cleanup() were removed,
HMAC_CTX_init() and EVP_MD_CTX_init() should be called instead
to reinitialise and already created structure. Also,
HMAC_CTX_init() and EVP_MD_CTX_init() now return 0 for failure
and 1 for success (they previously had the return type void).
2) For consistency with the majority of our object creators and
destructors, EVP_MD_CTX_(create|destroy) were renamed to
EVP_MD_CTX_(new|free). The old names are retained as macros
for deprecated builds.
[Richard Levitte]
*) Added ASYNC support. Libcrypto now includes the async sub-library to enable
cryptographic operations to be performed asynchronously as long as an
asynchronous capable engine is used. See the ASYNC_start_job() man page for