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prov: tag SM2 encoders and decoders as non-FIPS

They're impossible to use in a FIPS environment, so they shouldn't be flagged
as compatible.

Reviewed-by: Shane Lontis <>
Reviewed-by: Tomas Mraz <>
(Merged from
Pauli 1 year ago
committed by Matt Caswell
2 changed files with 10 additions and 10 deletions
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  2. +8

+ 2
- 2
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@ -67,8 +67,8 @@ DECODER_w_structure("X25519", der, SubjectPublicKeyInfo, x25519, yes),
DECODER_w_structure("X448", der, PrivateKeyInfo, x448, yes),
DECODER_w_structure("X448", der, SubjectPublicKeyInfo, x448, yes),
# ifndef OPENSSL_NO_SM2
DECODER_w_structure("SM2", der, PrivateKeyInfo, sm2, yes),
DECODER_w_structure("SM2", der, SubjectPublicKeyInfo, sm2, yes),
DECODER_w_structure("SM2", der, PrivateKeyInfo, sm2, no),
DECODER_w_structure("SM2", der, SubjectPublicKeyInfo, sm2, no),
# endif
DECODER_w_structure("RSA", der, PrivateKeyInfo, rsa, yes),

+ 8
- 8
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@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ ENCODER_TEXT("ED448", ed448, yes),
ENCODER_TEXT("X25519", x25519, yes),
ENCODER_TEXT("X448", x448, yes),
# ifndef OPENSSL_NO_SM2
ENCODER_TEXT("SM2", sm2, yes),
ENCODER_TEXT("SM2", sm2, no),
# endif
@ -110,9 +110,9 @@ ENCODER_w_structure("EC", ec, yes, pem, type_specific_no_pub),
/* EC supports blob output for the public key */
ENCODER("EC", ec, yes, blob),
# ifndef OPENSSL_NO_SM2
ENCODER_w_structure("SM2", sm2, yes, der, type_specific_no_pub),
ENCODER_w_structure("SM2", sm2, yes, pem, type_specific_no_pub),
ENCODER("SM2", sm2, yes, blob),
ENCODER_w_structure("SM2", sm2, no, der, type_specific_no_pub),
ENCODER_w_structure("SM2", sm2, no, pem, type_specific_no_pub),
ENCODER("SM2", sm2, no, blob),
# endif
@ -189,10 +189,10 @@ ENCODER_w_structure("ED448", ed448, yes, der, SubjectPublicKeyInfo),
ENCODER_w_structure("ED448", ed448, yes, pem, SubjectPublicKeyInfo),
# ifndef OPENSSL_NO_SM2
ENCODER_w_structure("SM2", sm2, yes, der, PrivateKeyInfo),
ENCODER_w_structure("SM2", sm2, yes, pem, PrivateKeyInfo),
ENCODER_w_structure("SM2", sm2, yes, der, SubjectPublicKeyInfo),
ENCODER_w_structure("SM2", sm2, yes, pem, SubjectPublicKeyInfo),
ENCODER_w_structure("SM2", sm2, no, der, PrivateKeyInfo),
ENCODER_w_structure("SM2", sm2, no, pem, PrivateKeyInfo),
ENCODER_w_structure("SM2", sm2, no, der, SubjectPublicKeyInfo),
ENCODER_w_structure("SM2", sm2, no, pem, SubjectPublicKeyInfo),
# endif