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@ -87,6 +87,18 @@ OpenSSL 3.0
*Richard Levitte*
* Added an implementation of CMP and CRMF (RFC 4210, RFC 4211 RFC 6712).
This adds crypto/cmp/, crpyto/crmf/, and test/cmp_*.
See L<OSSL_CMP_exec_IR_ses(3)> as starting point.
*David von Oheimb*
* Generalized the HTTP client code from crypto/ocsp/ into crpyto/http/.
The legacy OCSP-focused and only partly documented API is retained.
See L<OSSL_CMP_MSG_http_perform(3)> etc. for details.
*David von Oheimb*
* All of the low level RSA functions have been deprecated including:
RSA_new_method, RSA_bits, RSA_size, RSA_security_bits,

@ -33,6 +33,12 @@ OpenSSL 3.0
authenticate servers or clients.
* enable-crypto-mdebug and enable-crypto-mdebug-backtrace were mostly
disabled; the project uses address sanitize/leak-detect instead.
* Added a Certificate Management Protocol (CMP, RFC 4210) implementation
also covering CRMF (RFC 4211) and HTTP transfer (RFC 6712).
It is part of the crypto lib, while a 'cmp' app using it is in preparation.
All widely used CMP features are supported for both clients and servers.
* Added a proper HTTP(S) client to libcrypto supporting GET and POST,
redirection, plain and ASN.1-encoded contents, proxies, and timeouts.
* Added OSSL_SERIALIZER, a generic serializer API.
* Added OSSL_PARAM_BLD, an easier to use API to OSSL_PARAM.
* Added error raising macros, ERR_raise() and ERR_raise_data().