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put together one-size-fits-all instructions. You might
have to pass more flags or set up environment variables
to actually make it work. Android and iOS cases are
discussed in corresponding Configurations/
sections. But there are cases when this option alone is
discussed in corresponding Configurations/15-*.conf
files. But there are cases when this option alone is
sufficient. For example to build the mingw64 target on
Linux "--cross-compile-prefix=x86_64-w64-mingw32-"
works. Naturally provided that mingw packages are
@ -157,10 +157,12 @@
"--cross-compile-prefix=mipsel-linux-gnu-" suffices
in such case. Needless to mention that you have to
invoke ./Configure, not ./config, and pass your target
name explicitly.
name explicitly. Also, note that --openssldir refers
to target's file system, not one you are building on.
Build OpenSSL with debugging symbols.
Build OpenSSL with debugging symbols and zero optimization
The name of the directory under the top of the installation

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One can engage clang by adjusting PATH to cover NDK's clang. Just keep
in mind that if you miss it, Configure will try to use gcc... Also,
PATH would need even further adjustment to cover unprefixed, yet
target-specific, ar and ranlib (or not, if you use binutils-multiarch
on your Linux).
target-specific, ar and ranlib. It's possible that you don't need to
bother, if binutils-multiarch is installed on your Linux system.
Running tests (on Linux)