Clarify the preferred way of creating patch files

Clarify that git format-patch output is preferred for creating patch files.

Reviewed-by: Richard Levitte <>
Matt Caswell 8 years ago
parent 1c2e5d560d
commit f89ee71bc8

@ -22,8 +22,14 @@ current Git or the last snapshot. They should follow our coding style
warnings using the --strict-warnings flag. OpenSSL compiles on many varied
platforms: try to ensure you only use portable features.
Our preferred format for changes is "diff -u" output. One method is to use
"git diff" Another is to generate it something like this:
Our preferred format for patch files is "git format-patch" output. For example
to provide a patch file containing the last commit in your local git repository
use the following command:
# git format-patch --stdout HEAD^ >mydiffs.patch
Another method of creating an acceptable patch file without using git is as
# cd openssl-work
# [your changes]