Fixes #9332

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Reviewed-by: Matt Caswell <>
Reviewed-by: Paul Dale <>
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Rich Salz 2 years ago committed by Pauli
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commit f8ab78f6c2

@ -30,6 +30,12 @@ breaking changes, and mappings for the large list of deprecated functions.
### Changes between 1.1.1 and 3.0 [xx XXX xxxx]
* Version of MSVC earlier than 1300 could get link warnings, which could
be suppressed if the undocumented -DI_CAN_LIVE_WITH_LNK4049 was set.
Support for this flag has been removed.
*Rich Salz*
* Rework and make DEBUG macros consistent. Remove unused -DCONF_DEBUG,
-DBN_CTX_DEBUG, and REF_PRINT. Add a new tracing category and use it for
printing reference counts. Rename -DDEBUG_UNUSED to -DUNUSED_RESULT_DEBUG

@ -147,21 +147,6 @@ FILE *__iob_func();
# define stdin (&__iob_func()[0])
# define stdout (&__iob_func()[1])
# define stderr (&__iob_func()[2])
# elif _MSC_VER<1300 && defined(I_CAN_LIVE_WITH_LNK4049)
# undef stdin
# undef stdout
# undef stderr
* pre-1300 has __p__iob(), but it's available only in msvcrt.lib,
* or in other words with /MD. Declaring implicit import, i.e. with
* _imp_ prefix, works correctly with all compiler options, but
* without /MD results in LINK warning LNK4049: 'locally defined
* symbol "__iob" imported'.
extern FILE *_imp___iob;
# define stdin (&_imp___iob[0])
# define stdout (&_imp___iob[1])
# define stderr (&_imp___iob[2])
# endif
# endif
# endif