4263 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Bernd Edlinger 562d4cd3c3 Fix the array size of dtlsseq in tls1_enc 2 months ago
  Todd Short e0f69c3598 Fix state name abbreviation 2 months ago
  Todd Short 0449702abc Fix potential double-free 2 months ago
  Dmitry Belyavskiy b4f1b7b658 Omitted signature_algorithms extension alerts updated 3 months ago
  Pauli f7d998a206 tls/prov: move the TLS 1.3 KDF code to providers 3 months ago
  yangyangtiantianlonglong b5557666bd Fix dtls timeout dead code 3 months ago
  Matt Caswell 54b4053130 Update copyright year 3 months ago
  Todd Short a65c8d8f73 Add missing session timeout calc 3 months ago
  Tomas Mraz 26411bc887 KTLS: AES-CCM in TLS-1.3 is broken on 5.x kernels, disable it 3 months ago
  Dr. David von Oheimb 4672e5de9e tls_process_{client,server}_certificate(): allow verify_callback return > 1 9 months ago
  Matt Caswell ca00152497 Fix some minor record layer issues 3 months ago
  Matt Caswell 3bec485153 Disallow SSL_key_update() if there are writes pending 3 months ago
  Matt Caswell 21ba77cad6 Don't reset the packet pointer in ssl3_setup_read_buffer 3 months ago
  Matt Caswell e54f0c9b2f Avoid "excessive message size" for session tickets 4 months ago
  Tomas Mraz 3f773c911a fips module header inclusion fine-tunning 4 months ago
  Richard Levitte 21dfdbef49 Adapt other parts of the source to the changed EVP_Q_digest() and EVP_Q_mac() 4 months ago
  Hubert Kario 657489e812 cross-reference the DH and RSA SECLEVEL to level of security mappings 4 months ago
  Pauli 2d6f72aa03 ssl: fix indentation 4 months ago
  Pauli f6f3a5d34a ssl: fix indentation 4 months ago
  Pauli 5ea4d7648c ssl: replace tabs with spaces 4 months ago
  Pauli d7b5c648d6 ssl: do not choose auto DH groups that are weaker than the security level 4 months ago
  Matt Caswell 38fc02a708 Update copyright year 4 months ago
  Dmitry Belyavskiy 4832560be3 Disabling Encrypt-then-MAC extension in s_client/s_server 4 months ago
  Tomas Mraz eaa39eb678 Do not duplicate symbols between libcrypto and libssl in static builds 4 months ago
  Todd Short 25959e04c3 Optimize session cache flushing 3 years ago
  Matt Caswell f570d33b02 Only call dtls1_start_timer() once 5 months ago
  Pauli 407820c0e3 tls: remove TODOs 5 months ago
  Trev Larock 147ed5f9de Modify ssl_handshake_hash to call SSLfatal 5 months ago
  Tomas Mraz ed576acdf5 Rename all getters to use get/get0 in name 5 months ago
  Pauli dfefa4c164 ssl: ass size_t to RAND_bytes_ex() 5 months ago
  Pauli 0f8815aace ssl: add zero strenght arguments to BN and RAND RNG calls 5 months ago
  Todd Short e49095f186 Call SSLfatal when the generate_ticket_cb returns 0 5 months ago
  Juergen Christ 4612eec35d Fix compilation warning with GCC11. 5 months ago
  Rich Salz 9d0dd1d513 Use "" for include crypto/xxx 5 months ago
  Rich Salz 449bdf3746 Use "" for include internal/xxx 5 months ago
  Pauli b93f6c2db9 err: rename err_load_xxx_strings_int functions 5 months ago
  Benjamin Kaduk 1376708c1c Allow TLS13_AD_MISSING_EXTENSION for older versions 5 months ago
  Dmitry Belyavskiy 3f98738192 Cleanup the peer point formats on regotiation 5 months ago
  Matt Caswell 0789c7d834 Update copyright year 5 months ago
  Benjamin Kaduk 7c73fefe38 Let SSL_new_session_ticket() enter init immediately 7 months ago
  Rich Salz 55373bfd41 Add SSL_OP_ALLOW_CLIENT_RENEGOTIATION 6 months ago
  Benjamin Kaduk aa6bd216dd Promote SSL_get_negotiated_group() for non-TLSv1.3 7 months ago
  Rich Salz f04bb0bce4 Slightly reformat ssl.h.in 5 months ago
  Rich Salz 56bd17830f Convert SSL_{CTX}_[gs]et_options to 64 5 months ago
  Tomas Mraz e9fe0f7e9d Replace EVP_PKEY_supports_digest_nid 6 months ago
  Benjamin Kaduk e776858bce Don't send key_share for PSK-only key exchange 7 months ago
  Benjamin Kaduk f84ab284e9 make update 7 months ago
  Benjamin Kaduk efe0f31535 Improve RFC 8446 PSK key exchange mode compliance 7 months ago
  Dr. David von Oheimb 0a8a6afdfb Add quick one-shot EVP_Q_mac() and deprecation compensation decls for MAC functions 7 months ago
  Shane Lontis 839261592c Remove unused code from the fips module 6 months ago