29432 Commits (0221b080cefa7358c0a0737d089caeec2979f930)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Tom Cosgrove 0221b080ce Fix -static builds on master 1 year ago
  Pauli b93f6c2db9 err: rename err_load_xxx_strings_int functions 1 year ago
  Petr Gotthard 9080ed2175 Fix building of test/pbetest.c 1 year ago
  Jon Spillett b8c09a893c Add special case to skip RC4 reinit 1 year ago
  Jon Spillett 2710ddef6f Add an evp_libctx_test test run for legacy provider 1 year ago
  Benjamin Kaduk 1376708c1c Allow TLS13_AD_MISSING_EXTENSION for older versions 1 year ago
  Dr. David von Oheimb e6e618bf22 Remove tmp file smcont.signed_ that was used for debuggin PR #15347 1 year ago
  Tomas Mraz 6fc4d876d4 write-man-symlinks: Write relative symlinks not absolute 1 year ago
  Dr. David von Oheimb a7e4ca5b4e Add warning to key/param generating apps on potential delay due to missing entropy 2 years ago
  Jan Lana 8d67621de1 fix Solaris OS detection in config.pm 1 year ago
  Tomas Mraz 817d408dd9 Do not try to install image directories with no images 1 year ago
  Tomas Mraz 349fd92429 FIPS checksums CI: use merge checkout to compute the new checksums 1 year ago
  Tomas Mraz 057fc59a89 Windows CI: properly drop test_fuzz* tests to speed up things 1 year ago
  Tomas Mraz 3113192705 Windows CI: Add make install step on the shared 64 bit build 1 year ago
  Pauli 4f7fc52979 regenerate FIPS checksums 1 year ago
  Pauli 969fdad750 checksum: include header files in the checksumming output 1 year ago
  Richard Levitte f0fa37a4a7 Fix 'openssl req' to be able to use provided keytypes 1 year ago
  Pauli eb1b66f00c mac: add a getter for the MAC block size. 1 year ago
  Pauli 36b6db08fe test: add evp_tests for the MAC size and block size 1 year ago
  Pauli edc9ce8ef4 doc: document the MAC block size getter 1 year ago
  Shane Lontis 2abffec0f0 Add fipsinstall option to run self test KATS on module load 1 year ago
  Rich Salz a861711bcd Remove engine_table_select_int 1 year ago
  Richard Levitte 3c9f992aa0 DOCS: Don't mention internal functions in public documentation 1 year ago
  Juergen Christ 7217decc7c Fix warning in gf_serialize 1 year ago
  Richard Levitte 733094ec6b TEST: Avoid using just 'example.com' - test_cmp_http 1 year ago
  Florian Mickler e16d9afe41 openssl srp: make index.txt parsing error more verbose 3 years ago
  Florian Mickler 2c6e33d863 openssl ocsp: make index.txt parsing error more verbose 3 years ago
  Florian Mickler ca29cc1453 openssl ca: make index.txt parsing error more verbose 3 years ago
  Matt Caswell 669967fdd8 Don't try the same decoder multiple times 1 year ago
  Tomas Mraz 69d8cf70ef Windows CI: use nasm on 32bit and 64bit shared builds 1 year ago
  Tomas Mraz d7c18395bf Add some basic Windows builds to the Windows CI workflow 1 year ago
  Jon Spillett 094287551a Add a test for PKCS5_PBE_keyivgen() 1 year ago
  Jon Spillett 8bb6fdfc99 Added PKCS5_PBE_keyivgen_ex() to allow PBKDF1 algorithms to be fetched for a specific library context 1 year ago
  Jon Spillett 0f183675b8 Add PBKDF1 to the legacy provider 1 year ago
  Matt Caswell d136db212e Remove some perl 5.14 use from rsaz-avx512.pl 1 year ago
  Shane Lontis 7c14d0c1c0 Rename the field 'provctx and data' to 'algctx' inside some objects containing 1 year ago
  Pauli c45df3302d fips: default to running self tests when starting the fips provider 1 year ago
  Pauli bca0ffe8b3 doc: update core_thread_start() documentation 1 year ago
  Matt Caswell c9732f0953 Fix a memleak in the FIPS provider 1 year ago
  Pauli b3135f56a6 test: fix typo in comment in threadstest.c 1 year ago
  Pauli ec91f1ae19 core: condition out more in FIPS builds 1 year ago
  Pauli 235776b2c7 test: add test case to reliably reproduce RAND leak during POST 1 year ago
  Dr. David von Oheimb b6f0f050fd 80-test_cmp_http: Invert and correct the logic of success vs. failure exit 1 year ago
  Dr. David von Oheimb 5771017d06 apps/cms.c: Correct -sign output and -verify input with -binary 1 year ago
  Richard Levitte d0ccefdb77 Disable loader_attic by default on VMS 1 year ago
  Richard Levitte 4b2981f13e Make it possible to disable the loader_attic engine 1 year ago
  Richard Levitte b4810b70ff VMS: Fix run of generic generator programs in descrip.mms.tmpl 1 year ago
  Richard Levitte 1b77f00a9b Configurations/descrip.mms.tmpl: rework the inclusion hacks 1 year ago
  Robbie Harwood 84faea44e6 Fix upgrading docs for RSA_private_encrypt/RSA_public_decrypt 1 year ago
  Dr. David von Oheimb 56c98a7d94 apps/cms: Simplify handling of encerts; add warning if they are ignored 1 year ago