150 Commits (09803e9ce3a8a555e7014ebd11b4c80f9d300cf0)

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  Matt Caswell eec0ad10b9 Update copyright year 2 years ago
  Dmitry Belyavskiy 856198aac7 Some OIDs used in Russian X.509 certificates. 3 years ago
  Matt Caswell 798f932980 Fix safestack issues in cmp.h 2 years ago
  Matt Caswell 6ac1cd10ba Fix safestack issues in ssl.h 2 years ago
  Biswapriyo Nath c9352933fe fuzz/test-corpus: check if PATH_MAX is already defined 2 years ago
  Dr. David von Oheimb 15633d74dc Add 4 new OIDs for PKIX key purposes and 3 new CMP information types 2 years ago
  Dr. David von Oheimb 1a7cd250ad Add libctx and propq parameters to OSSL_CMP_{SRV_},CTX_new() and ossl_cmp_mock_srv_new() 2 years ago
  Dr. David von Oheimb 299e0f1eae Streamline the CMP request session API, adding the generalized OSSL_CMP_exec_certreq() 2 years ago
  Dr. David von Oheimb cb9bb7350d 99-test_fuzz.t: Clean up and re-organize such that sub-tests could be split easily 2 years ago
  Gustaf Neumann 8c1cbc7210 Fix typos and repeated words 2 years ago
  Dr. David von Oheimb 430efff1b9 Improve ossl_cmp_msg_check_received() and rename to ossl_cmp_msg_check_update() 2 years ago
  Matt Caswell 454afd9866 Update copyright year 2 years ago
  Rich Salz 257e9d03b0 Fix issues reported by markdownlint 2 years ago
  Richard Levitte 60ebc0ca5a fuzz/asn1.c: Add missing #include 2 years ago
  Rich Salz 852c2ed260 In OpenSSL builds, declare STACK for datatypes ... 3 years ago
  Matt Caswell 33388b44b6 Update copyright year 2 years ago
  Dr. David von Oheimb e599d0aecd Add CMP fuzzing to fuzz/cmp.c, including a couple of helpers in crypto/cmp/ 2 years ago
  Dr. David von Oheimb a81151bd56 Add a couple of hints to fuzz/README.md 2 years ago
  Dmitry Belyavskiy ad16671d49 GOST cipher names adjustment 2 years ago
  Pauli ada66e78ef Deprecate the low level Diffie-Hellman functions. 2 years ago
  Pauli c5f8713443 Deprecate the low level RSA functions. 2 years ago
  Pauli f41ac0eeab Deprecate the low level DSA functions. 2 years ago
  Pauli 579422c85c Deprecate the ECDSA and EV_KEY_METHOD functions. 2 years ago
  Rich Salz 339638b586 Make generated copyright year be "now" 3 years ago
  Jan-Frederik Rieckers f5e77bb0fa Add support for otherName:NAIRealm in output 3 years ago
  Richard Levitte 936c2b9e93 Update source files for deprecation at 3.0 3 years ago
  Matt Caswell aec9667bd1 Don't assume the type we read was the type we expected 3 years ago
  Dmitry Belyavskiy 4baee2d72e Support printing out some otherName variants 3 years ago
  Brian Chen 639b53ecd8 Update fuzzing README for recent clang versions 3 years ago
  Richard Levitte e5d4233fbd Deprecate ERR_get_state() 3 years ago
  Matt Caswell deaaac2c01 Update fuzz README.md 3 years ago
  Pauli 3f1679b261 Add OIDs for kmac128, kmac256 and blake2. 3 years ago
  FdaSilvaYY cdc5ae9c65 Fuzz: add a few more types into Fuzzing for ESS 3 years ago
  voev 53bfacf220 Fix GOST OID 3 years ago
  杨洋 8267becb8b Support SM2 certificate verification 4 years ago
  Richard Levitte ac6bba6f6e Build: Change all _NO_INST to use attributes instead. 4 years ago
  Richard Levitte 0642931f30 Following the license change, modify the boilerplates in fuzz/ 4 years ago
  Richard Levitte fcd2d5a612 Refactor the computation of API version limits 4 years ago
  Richard Levitte 672f943ad6 Switch future deprecation version from 1.2.0 to 3.0 4 years ago
  Matt Caswell c486283cb8 Update copyright year 4 years ago
  Pauli afc580b9b0 GMAC implementation 4 years ago
  cclauss 83e4533a71 print() is a function in Python 3 4 years ago
  Brian 'geeknik' Carpenter 8e8fe187f1 Update README.md 4 years ago
  Matt Caswell 1212818eb0 Update copyright year 4 years ago
  Patrick Steuer 63c5ac801f fuzz/driver.c: appease -Wmissing-prototypes 4 years ago
  Kurt Roeckx 0b89db6b2a Update fuzz corpora 4 years ago
  Matt Caswell 345bee916a Fix no-comp 4 years ago
  Pauli f52292be10 Add OIDs for HMAC SHA512/224 and HMAC SHA512/256. 4 years ago
  Kurt Roeckx 07fc8d5207 Enable all protocols and ciphers in the fuzzer 4 years ago
  Dmitry Belyavskiy 55fc247a69 New GOST identificators 4 years ago