71 Commits (1ae56f2f43d36618e54cbb8dd47a7107b74505b6)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Rich Salz 1ae56f2f43 Don't compile commands if disabled 2 years ago
  Pauli 6bd4e3f231 cmdline app: add provider commandline options. 3 years ago
  Pauli 8bb9c60ba8 Apps: don't build deprecated DH and DSA apps. 3 years ago
  Pauli 1ddf2594e1 dsa: deprecate applications that depend on the low level DSA functions. 3 years ago
  Rich Salz 92de469fbd Document command parameters. 3 years ago
  Rich Salz 5388f9862d Add "sections" to -help output 3 years ago
  Philip Prindeville b6a07f6760 gendsa: dsaparam: introduce -verbose option to enable output 4 years ago
  Richard Levitte dffa752023 Following the license change, modify the boilerplates in apps/ 4 years ago
  Georg Schmidt 0336df2fa3 Issue warnings for large DSA and RSA keys 4 years ago
  Matt Caswell 6738bf1417 Update copyright year 5 years ago
  Richard Levitte dab2cd68e7 apps: Don't include progs.h in apps.h 5 years ago
  KaoruToda 26a7d938c9 Remove parentheses of return. 5 years ago
  Rich Salz 3ee1eac27a Standardize apps use of -rand, etc. 5 years ago
  Richard Levitte dd1abd4462 If an engine comes up explicitely, it must also come down explicitely 6 years ago
  FdaSilvaYY 44c83ebd70 Constify command options 7 years ago
  FdaSilvaYY 12d56b2992 Fix various missing option help messages ... 6 years ago
  Richard Levitte 2ac6115d9e Deal with the consequences of constifying getters 6 years ago
  Rich Salz 846e33c729 Copyright consolidation 01/10 6 years ago
  Matt Caswell 6e9fa57c6d Make DSA_METHOD opaque 6 years ago
  Matt Caswell 1258396d73 Make the DSA structure opaque 6 years ago
  Rich Salz effaf4dee9 Use NON_EMPTY_TRANSLATION_UNIT, consistently. 7 years ago
  Alessandro Ghedini 070c23325a Remove useless code 7 years ago
  Matt Caswell a0a82324f9 Centralise loading default apps config file 7 years ago
  Richard Levitte bdd58d9846 Change the way apps open their input and output files 7 years ago
  Rich Salz 3b061a00e3 RT2547: Tighten perms on generated privkey files 7 years ago
  Rich Salz 9c3bcfa027 Standardize handling of #ifdef'd options. 7 years ago
  Richard Levitte 296f54ee21 Restore module loading 7 years ago
  Rich Salz b548a1f11c free null cleanup finale 7 years ago
  Rich Salz 333b070ec0 fewer NO_ENGINE #ifdef's 7 years ago
  Rich Salz 7e1b748570 Big apps cleanup (option-parsing, etc) 7 years ago
  Rich Salz ca3a82c3b3 free NULL cleanup 8 years ago
  Rich Salz d64070838e free NULL cleanup 8 years ago
  Matt Caswell 0f113f3ee4 Run util/openssl-format-source -v -c . 8 years ago
  Ben Laurie c8bbd98a2b Fix warnings. 12 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson d4f0339c66 Update from 1.0.0-stable. 14 years ago
  Bodo Möller 96afc1cfd5 Add SEED encryption algorithm. 16 years ago
  Bodo Möller f3dea9a595 Camellia cipher, contributed by NTT 16 years ago
  Nils Larsch 3eeaab4bed make 17 years ago
  Richard Levitte 0b13e9f055 Add the possibility to build without the ENGINE framework. 20 years ago
  Richard Levitte 1c3e4a3660 EXIT() may mean return(). That's confusing, so let's have it really mean 20 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson 3647bee263 Config code updates. 21 years ago
  Richard Levitte b3dfaaa143 Add AES support in the applications that support -des and -des3. 21 years ago
  Geoff Thorpe 1372965e2e Reduce the header dependencies on engine.h in apps/. 21 years ago
  Richard Levitte c04f8cf44a Use apps_shutdown() in all applications, in case someone decides not 21 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson a3376fe8fc make apps compile again 21 years ago
  Richard Levitte 531d630b5c Provide an application-common setup function for engines and use it 21 years ago
  Dr. Stephen Henson 1358835050 Change the EVP_somecipher() and EVP_somedigest() 22 years ago
  Richard Levitte bc36ee6227 Use new-style system-id macros everywhere possible. I hope I haven't 22 years ago
  Richard Levitte cf1b7d9664 Make all configuration macros available for application by making 22 years ago
  Richard Levitte 5270e7025e Merge the engine branch into the main trunk. All conflicts resolved. 22 years ago