23 Commits (3469b388164775546022635d6695cae17104faa6)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Pauli 3469b38816 prov: add extra params argument to KDF implementations 1 year ago
  Pauli 2524ec1ac2 prov kdf: update to use the extra MAC init arguments 1 year ago
  Pauli 1e8e5c6092 prov: support modified gettable/settable ctx calls for KDFs 1 year ago
  Matt Caswell a28d06f3e9 Update copyright year 2 years ago
  Tomas Mraz 2741128e9d Move the PROV_R reason codes to a public header 2 years ago
  Shane Lontis 90a2576b9b Rename EVP_MAC_size() to EVP_MAC_CTX_get_mac_size(). 2 years ago
  Dr. Matthias St. Pierre a829b735b6 Rename some occurrences of 'library_context' and 'lib_ctx' to 'libctx' 2 years ago
  Dr. Matthias St. Pierre b425001010 Rename OPENSSL_CTX prefix to OSSL_LIB_CTX 2 years ago
  Pauli 1be63951f8 prov: prefix all OSSL_DISPATCH tables names with ossl_ 2 years ago
  Jon Spillett 1cae59d14b Make KDFs fail if requesting a zero-length key. 2 years ago
  Pauli 2b9e4e956b kdf: add FIPS error state handling 2 years ago
  Pauli 1017ab21e4 provider: add the unused paramater tag to the gettable and settable functions 2 years ago
  Matt Caswell ac2d58c72b Implement a EVP_PKEY KDF to KDF provider bridge 2 years ago
  Pauli af5e1e852d gettables: provider changes to pass the provider context. 2 years ago
  Matt Caswell 865adf97c9 Revert "The EVP_MAC functions have been renamed for consistency. The EVP_MAC_CTX_*" 2 years ago
  Matt Caswell 0577959cea Don't forget our provider ctx when resetting 2 years ago
  Matt Caswell fbd2ece171 Update copyright year 2 years ago
  Dr. Matthias St. Pierre 363b1e5dae Make the naming scheme for dispatched functions more consistent 2 years ago
  Pauli d9c2fd51e2 The EVP_MAC functions have been renamed for consistency. The EVP_MAC_CTX_* 2 years ago
  Pauli 3c65941546 kdfs: make free calls check for NULL. 3 years ago
  Richard Levitte ddd21319e9 Cleanup: move remaining providers/common/include/internal/*.h 3 years ago
  Richard Levitte af3e7e1bcc Cleanup: move providers/common/include/internal/provider_args.h 3 years ago
  Richard Levitte 5687e357c6 Providers: move common exchange,kdfs,keymgmt,macs,signature 3 years ago
  Dr. Matthias St. Pierre 25f2138b0a Reorganize private crypto header files 3 years ago
  Richard Levitte 4e8b8e47c8 Refactor TLS-PRF's kdf_tls1_prf_mkmacctx() to a provider utility 3 years ago
  Richard Levitte 9a92bf1bff Refactor TLS1-PRF to create the MAC contexts early 3 years ago
  Pauli 0f0db4dc25 Use common digest getter for TLS1 PRF 3 years ago
  Richard Levitte df2f8af4cb Fix memleaks in KDF implementations 3 years ago
  Pauli e3405a4a9a Add KDFs to providers 3 years ago
  Pauli 5eb43d382b Move KDFs to the provider. 3 years ago
  Pauli 7f588d20cd OSSL_PARAM_construct_utf8_string computes the string length. 3 years ago
  Richard Levitte 703170d4b9 Get rid of the diversity of names for MAC parameters 3 years ago
  Richard Levitte 81ff9eebbc Use macros internally for algorithm names 3 years ago
  Richard Levitte 776796e818 Adapt diverse code to provider based MACs. 3 years ago
  Kurt Roeckx be5fc053ed Replace EVP_MAC_CTX_copy() by EVP_MAC_CTX_dup() 4 years ago
  David Makepeace 0f52d9ed7e Cleaned up tls1_prf and added comments. 3 years ago
  Shane Lontis d2ba812343 Added EVP_KDF (similiar to the EVP_MAC) 3 years ago
  David Makepeace 5a285addbf Added new EVP/KDF API. 4 years ago
  Kurt Roeckx 6e94b5aecd Convert tls1_prf_P_hash to use the EVP_MAC interface 4 years ago
  Richard Levitte 7bb803e85b Following the license change, modify the boilerplates in crypto/kdf/ 4 years ago
  Rich Salz cdb10bae3f Set error code on alloc failures 4 years ago
  Matt Caswell b0edda11cb Update copyright year 4 years ago
  Matt Caswell f929439f61 Rename EVP_PKEY_new_private_key()/EVP_PKEY_new_public_key() 4 years ago
  Matt Caswell e32b52a27e Add support for setting raw private HMAC keys 5 years ago
  Matt Caswell 888098304b More updates following review feedback 5 years ago
  Matt Caswell 7d248ee0ae Remove OPENSSL_assert() from crypto/kdf 5 years ago
  Johannes Bauer 5b27751923 Added differentiation between missing secret and missing seed 5 years ago
  Johannes Bauer f55129c739 Changed use of EVP_PKEY_CTX_md() and more specific error codes 5 years ago
  Johannes Bauer a24a5b8cc4 More error handling to HKDF and one more case in TLS1-PRF 5 years ago
  Rich Salz d2e9e32018 Copyright consolidation 07/10 6 years ago